New Tropical Fashion Trend 2016

Flower prints, paradise birds, palm trees and exotic fruits make their comeback in our closets! 25 pieces to adopt the trend this summer.

This trend very “happy” with us for the past few seasons and is clearly on track to stay, to our delight!
We must admit, we begin to think more and more to the holiday … Finished pieces with dark tones and the minimalist looks that we still loved it not so long! We can now reveal our exotic and fun side, with the integration of vegetation we like the heart of our different looks: in town or in the tropics, it is played “wild jungle” because this was all tropical motif is allowed!
A trend that fills us with nostalgia, reminding us sunsets and multi-colored Cadillac 50s, especially when seen combined on jerseys tall and models a very retro room. Clothing and accessories carry printed came straight from the Amazon rainforest and beaches of California to give this exotic touch that was lacking in our outfits.

Needless to turn into queen of the jungle to adopt the trend! For more discreet the right solution is always in the accessories: the tropical not kidding; it is found to the earrings and necklaces, before talking about its various versions of bags, shoes and scarves. Most confirmed will leverage a total look, but beware, it comes with minimalist accessories if you do not want to “tapestry”! With jewelry with clean lines, a solid bag or sandals in neutral tones, voila! For a single room with large tropical grounds enough to boost its looks, while the suits and dresses are perfect for the interpretation of the trend!