No Jack Plug in iPhone 7? Here Are 5 Cool Wireless Solutions

Apple will cut the cable to the headset over and instead bet on wireless audio. Our site offers here at the five best wireless headsets for iPhone 7.

Apple took a significant decision the previous week, as the company could reveal that the plug to the headset should now be sent into retirement.

Tech-giant believes that the time is now ripe to invest in the wireless instead — something which the company selected by launching their first wireless headset: Apple AirPod.

The new headset is admittedly fine and elegant, but quite cheap, they are now not. Would you at the same time, larger sound, noise reduction or water resistance must also be sought elsewhere.

Our site presents the best wireless alternatives you can get for your iPhone 7.

The cheap – Sony SBH-70

Are you looking for a cheaper alternative that offers Apple-like sound, is Sony’s SBH-70 the obvious choice.

The soundscape as the Sony headset pumps out, is almost an exact copy of Apple’s Earpods ditto – but so served in wireless format.

Sony SBH-70 also comes in an array of colors and are just as waterproof as a iPhone 7.

The model is not exactly new anymore, but it’s a good thing, for now you can find SBH-70 to well below five hundred dollars.


The sportiest – Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Apple’s put in years more effort in exercise-friendly electronics, with a new stronger Apple Watch, as well as an iPhone who no longer fear rain or sweat.

To accompany your workout Plantroncis Backbeat Fit is an ideal choice for the sitting better than anyone else-an invaluable feature when jumping, skipped and run during the training session.

Operation is simple and straightforward and the included Holster duplicates as mobile bracelet and case for Plantronics Backbeat Fit.

The price of roughly five hundred crowns would not overturn the budget.

The reliable – Jabra Halo Smart

Wireless audio is not always practical – for they are synonymous with an additional set of battery that you ever have to remember to charge.

Jabra’s Halo Smart will not, however, require nearly as many pitstops as its competitors. Battery holder for routinely for 15 hours of musical entertainment, before it needs to be charged up again. It is three times longer than Apple’s AirPods.

When the headset at the same time, is conspicuous with its rugged design, its strong microphone and a well-balanced sound gives you a highly reliable companion in the Jabra Halo Smart.

The daily rate around the five hundred crowns are also very reasonable, for it is a headset that you can enjoy for many years to come


The comfortable – Bose QC35

Do you travel a lot, the Bose mobile ask Kupe be the case for you. Specialists in active noise reduction have set all sail to in their new QuietComfort 35. Sound attenuation is available quite not better and all your music just gets better when the outside world is kept permanently out.

At the same time lightweight designed extremely comfortable to wear. An intercontinental flight is therefore no longer any hour long torture of the ears.

The daily rate at 2,399 crowns are also a share lower than the launch price, which makes it a really good buy in its category.

The pleasing to the ear’s – Sennheiser Momentum Wireless

HiFi enthusiasts and other purists don’t have to sneer at the nose of wireless audio, for Sennheiser Momentum Wireless delivers the familiar know-how from lydspecialisterne in a stylish format.

It is comfortable headset that delivers an equally pleasant and warm sound. Here are the notes so precise and detailed to close you eyes experienced it as sitting at the first parquet.

The battery holder at the same time in eons and an active noise reduction promises the experience yet another thank you upwards.

The price is then – but then it will also not better in wireless audio. The fair price today sounds on 2,799 crowns.