Note 7-Scandal Can Accelerate the Launch of Galaxy S8

With Samsung’s unfortunate Note 7-start, there is a high chance that they will accelerate the launch of the next top model, Galaxy S8-the desirable the rescuer.

It’s probably not gone someone’s nose over, that Samsung is in serious trouble for the time being, and that with its otherwise incredibly hyped and immediately successful Galaxy Note 7 really has entered next.

With several examples of major defects on the first models, with, among other things. exploding batteries, Samsung has seen it have to replace the units sold, while in other countries may delay the launch further-in Denmark, we must now wait until October.

This leads, of course, a huge economic impact for Samsung, and it rates the South Koreans to the next model of the Galaxy S series, Galaxy S8, can help to rectify. Therefore expect more now that S8 will be accelerated, and be featured sooner than expected. It writes our stie

The speculation is, of course, even on base, but eb South Korean analyst rumor from the company KB investment & Securities, Kim Sang-pyo, tells to the Korea Herald: “no matter when the sale will be repeated, an earlier launch of the next quality flagship model seems to be the most realistic opportunity to handle the current back kaldelses-crisis”.

It will be so interesting to see when we get the next Galaxy S model to see. Even more interesting will be to see whether Samsung, it might choose to launch two different models, which have done for the last two years, or whether they choose to abolish the General Galaxy S-model.

It has for long been the rumor that we only, just like with Note 7, get an edge-variant of the Galaxy S8 and not the classic flat shape of the S-series, but it is obviously not yet to say for sure.

We have in fact been leaked two different model numbers on the alleged S8, SM-G950 and SM-G955, which in the past has been for just the ordinary and the curvy model, but perhaps it could instead save this time at two different sizes-possibly a S8 and S8 +