Now Can Pokémon GO Plus the Bracelet Bought in Denmark

Bluetooth bracelet Pokémon GO Plus to your smartphone is now for sale in the Danish shops, so you can streamline your hunt for rare pokémonner.

Pokémon GO was in record time this summer’s big craze, and although of course hype has subsided, it becomes popular mobile games still played diligently all over the country.

After the game’s release, it became quickly clear that Pokémon GO is one of the more power-hungry ones, if not power save mode is turned on. With a smart little gadget called Pokémon GO Plus you can not only save power on your phone, but also make the chase after pokémonner more fun and different.

The company behind Pokémon GO-game, Niantic, has had this bracelet being prepared since the game’s launch, but had to postpone it; now it is, as planned, launched and can be bought in Denmark.

The bracelet is quite simple and has only a few functions. Pokémon GO Plus must first of all connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Here is the iPhone 5, 5 c, 5s, 6s, 6, SE, 6 Plus and 6s Plus compatible-and hopefully also iPhone 7-as long as they are running with iOS 8 or 9 or newer.

If you have an Android phone, it must first of all have 2 GB of RAM (memory) and run with Android-version 4.4 or forward to 6.0-and probably also the new Android 4.3 Nougat. There must also be Bluetooth 4.0 technology built into the phone. If Pokémon GO in other words are visible in the, and can be downloaded without any problems from Google Play-shop, is your phone running.


How it works the Pokémon GO Plus-bracelet

Once you have connected the Pokémon GO Plus the bracelet with your smartphone, it’s just to go to war to find pokémonner. Now will the bracelet for blink and vibrate, as soon as there is a pokémon near you.

When you have a pokémon in sight, you can catch it by pressing the bracelet button to throw a Poké Ball.The bracelet lights up and vibrates again, if it’s managed to capture pokémonnen.

When you walk around here, you can also press the big button on the bracelet, after which the game searching for PokéStops near you. If there is a PokéStop with some objects, you can gather together, they will be automatically added to your collection.

Pokémon GO Plus-Bracelet: Price and availability

Pokémon GO Plus has an SRP of 399 kroner in Denmark, where it a start is the grocery store and Supermarket, which has the neat, little gadget in stock.

Other dealers, among other things. CDON, Computer City, Coolshop, Dustin, Expert, Komplett, POWER and Proshop also leads Pokémon GO Plus the bracelet.