Nozzles And Ink Cartridges for Printers

There are two broad categories of ink cartridges for printers taking into account if they are or not supplied with the injectors on the market.

The injectors are nozzles or coating tubes that make up the print head, work with resistance to heat up, as a result of the electrical currents that sends the printer cartridge, is injected ink on paper generating printing.

The injector is a mechanical component and progressively with use suffers wear and tear, and can burn or deteriorate causing a diffuse or very poor quality printing. But the injector can also fail for other causes as the formation of wastes of ink drying on resistance reducing long term use of the print head. They must take precautions so that the ink doesn’t dry out (see recommendations from a previous post). Normally you can retrieve with a from the menu of the printer head cleaning or a “manual” cleaning of the cartucho(consultar en nuestra página como efectuar la limpieza). In any case you should print with clogged nozzles it undersized head and disable it, we must remember that ink works as a lubricant and coolant nozzle.

Cartridges with injectors

Most HP cartridges and a ratio around 50% of the fee, have the injector in the cartridge.

Cartridges without nozzles

They are the Epson, Brother, a part of the Canon, and some HP as the 364XL and the 920XL. Most cartridges that are sold are not included injector.

Then, that type of printer and cartridge us agrees as a customer? Because it depends on the use that you are going to give. If we are going to print shortly, probably the injectors will dry. If the nozzle is in the cartridge and cleaning or ‘drain’ is not enough to start it, just buy another. On the contrary if the injectors are in the printer, and is not sufficient cleaning, we will have to take it to a Service Center for repair, or discarded in some cases in which repair is so expensive that it compensates not economically.

It must also take into account in the choice that the difference in technology between both cartridges will also determine the difference in the price. With integrated injector cartridges are more expensive that those who do not wear them.