Outlook.com Wins 1 Million Users in Six Hours

The Outlook.com, service email that Microsoft launched yesterday afternoon, surpassed 1 million users in the first six hours, according to a chart published in the official account of the service Twitter. The Hotmail, the market leader with more than 325 million accounts, will have their domain used less and less in the coming years.

The Outlook.com database graph shows that 1,004,763 accounts were created in the first six hours. Many of these accounts were probably made ​​only to ensure a user name short or non-shameful. Interestingly, Microsoft has not reserved emails that can be used in fraud, such as donotreply@outlook.com or names of key executives.

As the emails terminated @ msn.com, @ hotmail.com addresses will no longer be offered soon. This does not mean that your old email will stop working; you can still use it normally only will not be allowed to create new accounts. As the trend is that the Hotmail emails disappear with time, it pays to keep your account to nostalgic moments in 2020 or 2030 and try to explain to their children why it was not recommended to use a Hotmail in curricula or professional purposes.

Finally, if you are interested in testing the Outlook.com, you should know that it is not necessary to create a new account; all current accounts have access to the new service .You can also rename your current mail to an @ outlook.com, but this is not recommended if you use it on Windows Phone, as many applications will stop working.

With information: Neowin, Sheet, PC Pro.

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