Overview: New Low-Cost Carrier and iPhone 7 Gets Danish Debut

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

The week has been big news in the Danish teledam. A new company challenge the incumbent telcos with extremely low prices-and Apple have launched two new flagships on the Danish market.

Tjeep: New telecom company promises Denmark’s cheapest subscriptions
Denmark has been a new telecommunications company richer: Tjeep calls itself Denmark’s cheapest telephone company, and with good reason: you get for an incredible amount of money.

Price check: Is the phone company Tjeep actually cheaper?
Denmark’s new telecom company, Tjeep, claim-Yes, actually guarantee-to have the country’s cheapest subscriptions. We have checked whether there are teams in the claim.

iPhone 7 has landed in stores: Here, you can buy it now
Sales of iPhone 7 are officially started this Friday morning. Several telecommunications companies have started sales at 08:00. See where you can now buy the iPhone 7 with home.

Lack of iPhone 7-these models will be deferred
You have to be quick, if you still want to make sure one of the first iPhones. Several models are delayed by several weeks.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: this is the first reviews
The first foreign reviews of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus has just come out. Get an overview of how critics have embraced the new iPhones

iPhone 7 gives competitors bank in new speed test
Apple’s A10 Fusion processor in the new iPhone 7 beats all Android competitors with lengths in the popular benchmark app Antutu to test the service.

All the while Apple’s iPhone 7 launch, takes Samsung’s Note 7 scandal ever-greater dimensions:

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 self ignites in 6-year-old boy’s hand
Problems with Samsung’s defective battery in Galaxy Note 7 continues. Now has a six-year boy had burns on his hands.

View Samsung Galaxy S7 erupt in spontaneous fire [VIDEO]
Samsung are struggling these days with burning smartphones. Surveillance footage shows how a Galaxy S7 self ignites.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be ready for sale in Denmark in October
Samsung confirms that the delayed and not least revoked Note 7 is expected to be ready in the Danish trade in October.

Scan you know using a Samsung Note 7 without fire hazard
This sticker must indicate that your Note 7 model is not by the flammable stuff like that.

Sony XB950BT-a cheap basbombe [TEST]
Sony headset XB950BT has a cryptic name, but offers plenty of quality and bass for the money.

No jack plug in iPhone 7? Here are 5 cool wireless solutions
Apple will cut the cable to the headset over and instead bet on wireless audio. Our site offers here at the five best wireless headsets for iPhone 7.