Theme Wedding: Weddings Under a Certain Motto

You have decided to go the other way of life together. Then first a hearty congratulations to this great decision. If only the question remains in the room, how do you want to celebrate this unique celebration? Simple and simple in the closest family and friends circle or should it be under a certain motto?Motto weddings are highly popular and are becoming increasingly popular.You can also make this day an unforgettable experience. Continue reading

How to Choose Bedside Tables

Essential element of a room at the optimal storage, bedside tables are freed of all location codes.

The nightstand is also practical and aesthetic. This small occasional furniture holds an essential place for our comfort and longer, it appears, to bring the order necessary in the room where the atmosphere must be serene and tranquil.

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“Male Elegance Helps in Business”

Economic Report:

In the run-up to father’s day, many children are planning to the present date, and most of the choices rests for fashion products. And among the entrepreneurs who most understand men’s fashion in the country is Sonia Hess de Souza, President of Dudalina, Blumenau, the biggest industry of Latin America shirts, that’s been on the market for over 50 years. Continue reading

Alternative to Offset the Rising Cost of Electricity

Led is an alternative to offset the rising cost of electricity.

The electric bill is more expensive. The 40% adjustment announced by the Government does not close the cycle of increased due mainly to the water crisis and loans made by the Government to the distributors, according to document by Aneel (the national electric energy agency). Continue reading

Modem Brings Abstract Expressionism for Winter

In continuous evolution and valuing language influenced by architecture in the collections, the MODEM displays your vision of abstract expressionism translated by prints, graphics and details like ruffles, stripes and moorings. The concept organic clean is this winter collection which appearing mainly in pockets, cut-outs and fists. Continue reading

Backpacking and Freedom

Who never thought to pick up the backpack bag, fill it with some clothes, put on the back and go out in the world, with no destination, no limits, just traveling? For most people this is dream, imagination, but there are adventurers, backpackers, that make this dream in unforgettable trips. “Money” to these tourists is not a problem. Continue reading

The Test: Led Leuchtmittel Vs Energy Saving Lamp

The test: LED Leuchtmittel vs. Energy saving lamp vs. 60 watt lamp

After me the topic LED Leuchtmittel vs. Energy saving lamp vs. 60 Watt lamp for longer interested, I start today a test.

I am concerned about the following things:

LED lamp by LEDON in warm white, 12 W
conventional light bulb with 60 watt Continue reading

Summer Fashion Sweaters

Eclectic, the 2011 summer blouses come in different styles and from various inspirations. The main bets for this season’s blouses get Ethereal influences, male references and romantic touches. Key parts of the summer contrast strong elements with the more glamorous. Following an aesthetic, which, at the same time, is smooth, delicate, but very bold and original. Continue reading

Men’s Accessories What to Wear

You control now basic clothing? That’s fine. But maybe you want to move up a gear: having a more personal style. The simplest solution? … Accessories that help achieve this efficiently and without taking too much financial risk in case of arts crash. So grab a pen and paper: it left for an overview of the opportunities available to you (and it does not copy its neighbor, I’m watching you, because you just talking to customize your approach)! Continue reading

Bicycles Shared in Fortaleza: Website and Application Launched

Although it sounds easy, the details can be confusing. The use of Fortaleza’s Shared Bike system will have four steps with instructions that, if not followed strictly, will affect the user’s pocket. Scheduled to launch by 12/12 of the site and the telephone application, which will allow registration in the system, according to the Secretariat of Conservation and Public Services (SCSP), the system will initially have 15 stations that should run until the end of the month. Continue reading

Preparing Walls for Painting

A mistake to think that the paint job requires only the choice and the application of the color you want. Surface preparation is required in order to obtain a high quality finish.

It’s very comfortable hiring a professional to paint the House, however, there are many people who cannot afford or prefer to do the work by themselves. For this reason, we created a super-simple guide to help you in preparing the area to be painted. Check out! Continue reading