Get to Know Razer Headsets More ‘Tops’ and Available

Razer manufactures well-rounded headsets that are useful for Internet users who enjoy listening to good music or plugging in on line games.This list shows the best models, from the most expensive tops to those with the most affordable price.Curious?Check out the models and choose yours.

How to choose a good headset to enjoy your games? Continue reading

Intimate Fashion: 3 Pieces to Trend This Year

All women like to be inside of the trends of each year. It’s a way of being always present and on the crest of the wave. In this context, the intimate fashion cannot and should not be misplaced. In fact, the choice of a quality lingerie is the first step for women to have confidence in the look chosen. Interestingly, this new year is the year of intimate fashion by election. Continue reading

Collection November of Amaro, Swimwears

I love doing these posts with looks for you! I can show you the parts of brands that I love and also a bit of my job as stylist to combining the productions and give my personal touch.

Today show pieces from the collection of November of AMARO. Already talked about them, that launch every month a different collection with pieces that are aligned with national and international trends.

The theme of this month’s global citizen (citizen of the world) that transitions between different cultures and beliefs, always letting each one becomes an extension of your personality and your style. Continue reading

Modern Decorated Nails – Photos

As always Modern Decorated Nails enchant the preference of women, even more in these modern times where we want everything different and everything that escapes the pattern, and with our nails is no different, so much so that we have varied models to bet on them.Who likes something different will even love the many trends that do not stop coming, even though it has several same, and each one more interesting than the other.So let’s try to show at least the most interesting and also the most used in the salons all over Brazil, so you can do it on your nail as well. Continue reading

Types of Bra and Their Differences: What’s Yours?

Among so many options, find out what the functionality of different types of bra with bulge, and how to use them with different pieces of clothing.

No doubt you may have noticed the wide range of options when it comes to bra types with bulge.However, has the actual applicability of each of these models already been addressed?Well be aware that they can give a completely different effect according to your body type, as well as the clothes to be worn. Continue reading

The Sublime Elegance of TAG Heuer Sunglasses

The TAG Heuer brand is known to all, for its prestige and high quality articles. In addition to being one of the most famous watch brands in the world, TAG Heuer defends the sport and the spirit of conquest. These features, as well as the prestige, performance and innovation are well evident in the design of the TAG Heuer sunglasses. Continue reading

Deafness: the Dangers of Mp3

The specialist argues that devices should be sold with Papal Bull containing warnings about dangers

The President of the Portuguese society of Otorhinolaryngology defended Tuesday the music MP3 type devices are sold with a label, such as those for medicines, warning about the risks of hearing loss, writes the Lusa. Continue reading

Caps and Hats Summer-Colorful Pieces and Showy, Trend

Fashion and beauty-Not1

Caps and Hats Summer 2014-colorful pieces and Showy, trend

Today the Blog Not1 brings fresh runway trends, the new key Summer 2014 are the caps and hats nothing discreet. Check out how to invest in Accessories, and create colorful and looks that are the face of the summer, and don’t forget to comment! Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium with 4K Display Presented

The first smart phone with 4K display has seen the light of the world, at least this describes Sony so similar during the presentation of the new Xperia Z5 family. About the Sony Xperia Z5 Compactas well as the Xperia Z5 we have already reported in separate articles. With the Z5 Premium, Sony shakes a surprise from the sleeve.

As, among other things, Golem reported, the 4K refer however only to the display and videos. For apps, the user has to take a smaller resolution, because the used Snapdragon can not provide the necessary performance yet. Nevertheless, the first step seems to be made towards 4K Ultra-HD smart phone. Let’s take a look at the intrinsic values ​​of the new Xperia Z5 Premium. Continue reading

Wall Clocks Decoration at Home

Decorate a House sometimes seems pretty complicated, but what it’s like to have a House decorated? It’s in fashion and have all of last generation or is put identity in every thing. For me these two are mixed, it is nice to have a House with a little bit of what’s going on out there, but also have identity, is that you look at and know that it was you that did, or that a certain object has some meaning to you. Continue reading

Do It Yourself Your Metallic Sneakers

I remember it like it was today from a post from Carla on Pinterest. I’ve used the social network for a long time and I didn’t realize the wealth of inspiration contained in hundreds of pins that pipocavam on the wall. I discovered a whole new world of possibilities and since then I surrendered to DIY’s projects, ranging from decorating ideas cute revenues, facilities for the day to day, customization of clothing, shoes, accessories and more.
Posted part of the projects in my Instagram and, to my surprise, I received an invitation from Carla to share here some ideas inspired in your Panel.
This is my first post. I hope you enjoy the transformation of a black sneakers in a new metallic sneakers pure love! Continue reading

Berghaus BIOFLEX – the New Movement Harmony

Already in 2005, system has presented Berghaus the BIOFLEX backpack . The carrying system transmits this due to joint between backpack and waist belt, the load optimally on the hip. Mountain House has since then steadily revised the system to reduce the weight and improve the power transmission, the movements and the comfort. Continue reading