Pebble Steel Smartwatch Best Buy

The new high-end model with leather strap Pebble will be available from Saturday at $ 230

On Sunday June 15 arrives at Best Buy stores smart watch the Pebble Steel, the high-end model of popular smartwatch , with full compatibility with all Apple iOS devices. This is definitely a high-end watch and can clearly be perceived by the material used as the steel sphere square or leather strap, materials that give an air of sportiness to the watch.

The high-end LED watch goes on sale in all stores Best Buy this Saturday for $ 230 , but will also be available the original model in several exclusive colors such as black matte or arctic white, both at a price considerably cheaper than the Pebble Steel: $ 149.95.

Pebble was definitely the device that helped popularize the smartwatch or smart watches since his Kickstarter project broke all records registered so far. Recall that Kickstarter is a platform that allows entrepreneurs to showcase their projects and receive sufficient funds to implement it if it is interesting enough for investors.

Pebble was the first device that helped trigger the interest of consumers in the market for smart watches

Given the exceptional reception of Pebble and other smartwatch, it has led to hundreds of rumors that Apple is planning and designing its own entrance to this peculiar market for smart watches. The iWatch Apple will be the device that will stay in the user’s wrist and enable monitoring of the health of it.

All we know so far is that Apple may be preparing an event in October intended only to give to the world its new revolutionary product. Before and after the iWatch could mark in the technology industry as compared to the iPhone or iPad.