Pokemon GO Medals Will Serve for Something in The Future

These last few days have been rather busy in Niantic throwing the game in the rest of the globe still had their ration. Yesterday was launched in some 30 African countries since that would include other countries of Eastern Europe, Asia and the Middle East earlier this month. That Yes, it still has a few important missing (China, India, Korea, Russia).

In any case, in Niantic have had time to also work on new features, and has announced on its Facebook feature star that we hope to see soon in your next update. Is it the expected exchange of Pokemon, the coaches or the multiple selection of Pokemon battles? Because they are not, bonus for capture specific types of Pokemon to get the appropriate medals.

More likely to capture

Very nice to stay in your profile – that only you can see – Pokémon GO medals are little more than useless. So you just 200 kilometers capturing Pokémon and you visited 2,000 Pokestops… ok, here you have your reward: a medal animating on the screen. Nothing, enjoy it with health.

He has announced Niantic via Pokémon GO, at least some of the medals page if you will serve for something. They will be the ones you get by capture specific types of Pokemon (electric, water rock-type and other). Pictured achievements Punk Girl (bad girl), Swimmer (swimmer) and Kindler (Prendefuegos) are specifically but it is expected to be available in all the achievements for various types.

As now, there will be three levels equivalent to bronze, silver and gold, but each level you will grant bonus to capture Pokemon of that type. The bonus is equivalent to + 1, + 2 and + 3 respectively, and assumes you “more likely to capture each type Pokemon”. As always, the explanation is vague and we cannot know what percentage actually increases the probability. That Yes, will cost, since this type of medals require you to captures 10, 50 to 200 Pokémon for each level.

The rest of medals, for all we know, will continue to be just as useless of what until now, without date or even a tip of experience.