Politicians Are Beginning to Use the Telegram Because the Secret Chat Feature

In the United States and Brazil justice has bogged down in domestic encryption, free and popular systems for gathering evidence in criminal cases. The iPhone WhatsApp, the guarantee is that all that is yours is protected – the most sordid secrets to criminal evidence, but also the family photos and conversations aimlessly in chat groups. And despite the obstacles to justice, which are fully subject to discussion, in general it is good and all this privacy, easy and affordable, should be celebrated.

But there is one step further that can be given by those who are very concerned about privacy or who have to deal with sensitive issues or if exposed, vexatious and even incriminating. He goes by the name Telegram. If you never had the curiosity to explore the potential safety of this app or even know what he is capable, stay with me.

The Telegram, chat app created by Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov, offers extra layers of protection in the exchange of messages via Internet. The feature both draws attention that some politicians in Brasilia, as Marco Maia (PT-RS) and the former Minister Gilberto Carvalho, have already joined the service. Political State of California, USA, also use the Telegram to hold conversations out of public records. No wonder this movement, given the functions that the Telegram offers, especially the Chat Secret.

What Telegram is Best?

Telegram is like the WhatsApp, but with more features. The app is maintained by a nonprofit organization based in Berlin, is open source and audited by third parties, and many functions that WhatsApp does not yet offer, the supergroups with up to five thousand people, through the sending any files with up to one gigabyte, robots that interact and assist the user or group, and channels, a way to make the broadcasting platform – know the user’s guide.

Another commonly prominent advantage is the fact that the Telegram be multiplatform and store messages in the cloud. WhatsApp, at least publicly, alleges that does not store messages exchanged by users. So they are delivered to the appropriate recipient’s phone, then they are deleted from the company’s servers. This, in addition to cluttering requests for justice talks also makes it impossible to use WhatsApp on more than one device at the same time. TheWeb WhatsApp , which alleviates this situation is nothing more than a smartphone mirror – so that must be turned on and connected to the web interface on the computer, run.

With telegram, no. It offers several apps for various platforms, officers and created by third party developers – the very Brazilian ZapZap , for example. Because messages are stored in the cloud, someone using the telegram on two or more devices can see them all synchronized in real time. For more protection there is in this system, this gives rise to unauthorized access (or authorized for justice, but unwanted by the user).

For these cases the telegram offers an alternative route called Chat Secret. It is what interests us.

Features Chat Secreto Telegram

In telegram, a chat Secret is a safer way to communicate. The EFF, a foundation that defends the rights of people in digital environments, has a table chat apps indicating the safest. The telegram in Chat Safe mode, make all possible points, is therefore recommended.

Chat messages exchanged by insurance are encrypted from end to end and are not in the cloud – in a way, a behavior similar to WhatsApp, ie, the conversation will be restricted to only one of its devices. If you want a more in- depth explanation of how MTProto, encryption protocol Telegram, read this and this .

But there are more differences in the telegram’s approach to WhatsApp, starting with the notification of new messages that, unlike normal conversations, does not display the message content even if it is configured in the system:

Another important thing is that messages deleted on a tip also disappear in another. If you delete a message in a chat on WhatsApp, it vanishes only on your smartphone; in the party, still exists. Chat by the Secret telegram conversation is synchronized between the parties. If a particular message clears, this also in some other device.

There is also the messaging feature that self-destruct, as it (supposedly) Snapchat does. A new button next to the stickers, you can set the duration of messages – ranging from one second to one week.

Set the deadline, all messages and photos sent henceforth disappear, the two devices, when that time is over (You need to be careful as there are no timers regressive indicating the remaining time). The counter will start only after the recipient view the message (when the “tick” turns a double tick). To view photos sent less time than a minute you need to hold your finger on the screen, like Snapchat required before.

The message forwarding is disabled and prints are discouraged. In tests I conducted, the version for Android can disable the feature altogether – just not enough to take print of a Chat Secret Telegram of that system. Using an iPhone you can take prints (apparently Apple does not allow this restriction to apps), but the Telegram warns the caller whenever it happens:

Creating a Chat Secret?

To create a Chat Secret, tap the new message button, at the top of the next screen, choose “New Chat Secret”. Then select the contact and a new chat screen will appear. Notice that the conversation list, that person will appear doubled. The Secret Chat is identified by a lock before the contact name and green.

Inside, outside the self-destruct button, nothing changes. For all practical purposes is more a normal conversation via Telegram, only restricted to that device.

The Secret Chat prevent leaks? No. In real there is nothing capable of it – the good old personal meeting without any kind of technology used is still the best tool against it. But the Secret Chat quite alleviates the situation, especially with regard to third parties, for any reason, have access to the device from one party to the conversation.