Popular And Large: This XXL Tablets Are In Demand

Feel good means also have place. This applies not only to acquire four walls or leg room when travelling. Also available size for comfort in dealing with technical equipment. No matter whether you place on the hard drive or the smart-TV in the living room: it can be not enough. The need of most users has detected even Apple. With the iphone 6 plus and plus sets the company from Cupertino on Smartphones iphone 6s in XXL format, with the November 2015 the group put to expected ipad Pro on the Tablet front. With its 12.9 inch display (32.7 cm), the new ios Tablet offers plenty of space for creative work, surfing or movies. But attempting to XXL tablets to make it presentable is not alone Apple dar. The following overview shows the most sought after models.

The most popular XXL tablets

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Surface Pro 3, Galaxy touch Pro 12.2 & co.

Who wants to wait until November 2015 or to do little with ios support know which you will find it also in the competition. In addition to various devices optimized for outdoor use such as the Panasonic toughbook CF-D1 are particular models from Samsung, Microsoft and Lenovo in the focus of customer interest. While the tablets in XXL format poach, often equipped with clip-on keyboard, at the same time in the area of Ultrabooks. Best example of this is the Surface Pro 3 the only Windows Tablet on the market that generates measurable user interest.

Video on the subject

Apple has presented at the keynote on September 9 in San Francisco the ipad Pro a giant tablet with 12.9-inch display. With smart accessories. Apple shows the official presentation of the ipad Pro Ultrabook test: these chic notebooks are good and coveted

but also the accessories package, available for all devices usually consisting of keyboard, docking station and electric pen make clear: work machines. While the mass of tablets with 8 to 10 inches primarily is as comfortable mobile replacement for surfing or watching movies used, the Surface Pro 3 thanks to potent notebook technology offers maximum flexibility in the choice of programmes and neat steam under the hood. However, Microsoft can also properly, how much cost this small luxury. At least 1,000 euros are due for such a device including pen and keyboard.

The best tablets

41 devices Leaderboard: Tablet computer that’s also cheaper will show the manufacturer of Android tablets. With the Samsung Galaxy touch Pro 12.2, there is, for example, display enough for a good half of the money. Savers, however, take a look at that point of view mobii 1325: 13.3 inch display for under 300 euros cheaper is not. By the way: The largest model comes by Xoro. The megapad 2151 even before the measure 20 inches, glass fibre reinforced Panasonic toughpad UT-MA6 is composed with a screen diagonal of about half a meter (21.5 inch).

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Look forward: size also morning asked

With the much speculated Surface Pro 4 Microsoft continues to focus on mobile all-rounder. Microsoft introduces the successor of convincing in the Our site test Surface Pro 3 is expected on 6 October 2015 in New York. But even the Android competition is certainly no slouch potential ipad Pro killer are from Samsung, Xiaomi & co. To be expected.

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