Predator 8: Noble Gaming Tablet by Acer

Tablets with the operating system abound Android of all sizes, from very cheap to very expensive. To stand out from the masses, the manufacturer must come up with something. Acer stands on the IFA with the predator 8 out send one as noble gaming tablet.

Brushed aluminum, four front speakers

The predator 8 is enclosed in an elegant aluminum casing, take 350 grams and is 8.7 mm thick. It is neither particularly easy, but also not too heavy and thick. The four speakers placed at the corners are exceptional. According to Acer, the Quartet should provide a surround sound when playing, as well as music and video playback.

Full-HD display with IPS technology

A sharp as high-fidelity playback is to ensure in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, however, the 8-inch display. On his 20.32-centimeter screen sizes, the Tablet shows games, videos, and Web pages in full HD with 1920 x 1200 pixels. And because it is often hectic at gambling, the screen with IPS technology is intended to ensure a high viewing angle stability.

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Tacsense and Precison plus

Gambling asked about when a target is a high precision. In contrast to standard tablets, (precision plus technology) wants to have installed a large number of very small sensors for the detection of finger tips Acer at the predator 8. So, the manufacturer wants to make sure a higher precision. In addition players should be tacsense get a feedback at the touch, for example, slight vibrations. The respective game can but work around with tacsense. Acer tarmac 8, already on the Tablet, called installed as the first title is.

Intel x 7 processor is powered

Games require lot performance. For figures and objects appear jagged on screen, Intel’s Atom processor is x 7 Z8700 from the current cherry trail series (code name: Airmont) provide enough steam. Too bad: In the Internet go still old Wi-Fi-n standard, after all, with two antennas via faster MIMO technology.

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Price and availability

Acer wants to put the gaming Tablet predator 8 in October 2015 in the dealer shelves. The recommended retail price is proud 350 euro.



Acer Predator 8 Screen Protector – ArmorSuit

Acer Predator 8 Screen Protector – ArmorSuit