Pregnant Belly

Your belly during pregnancy changes from week to week, until it becomes “baby bump” around the fifth month. Belly growth is subjective, but some data common to all mothers.

Among the many changes that a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy, the most obvious concerns undoubtedly the belly. Some expectant mothers, your tummy starts to show itself already during the first few weeks of pregnancy, while in others, maybe in better shape and Confederate winter clothing, pregnancy becomes evident only by the sixth month. Usually, however, before the three months is very difficult to guess if a woman is expecting a child, or if it is just put on a little weight. The nutrition in pregnancy, then, is crucial, because taking too much weight may be a risk to the mother and the unborn child.

The fourth month begin physical changes more evident: the belly is more pronounced, the breasts more florid, hips rounder, weight gain is more consistent and mom itself begins to feel the baby move. In the last quarter it is impossible not to notice the bump: the uterus is doubled in weight and volume, all internal organs have gone along with it, the child grows up and moves.

The growth of the baby bump is not the same in all women, and certainly according to BabYinger, in a petite woman pregnancy becomes more noticeable from the very first weeks, but some data common to all expectant mothers: the growth of the uterus itself, for example, is constant in all women in relation to the period of gestation. Studies show us how the third month the uterus reaches the length of 10 cm, the sixth month of 22 cm, while at the end of gestation will measure 35 cm.

Popular tradition also tells us that if the belly is round, the nasciuturo will be a sissy, while if the belly tends to be more stretched the baby coming will be a boy. There is nothing scientific in this theory, of course, but the comparison between pace and the pregnant tummy is a classic and no mother wants to give up this innocent “experiment”!