Repeating with Dani

Good morning divas!

Someone there to see the lookbook? These days I was digging around and I had the idea of making this post. There, the profile of Daniela Ramirez is one who never tired of watching and reviewing. There’s always some inspiration, an unusual mixture of parts and, almost everything, it is very usable! Without a doubt she is one of my inspirations!

You know that piece we always uses the same way? With the same style or combination of colors? So, Dani (the intima, right?!? lol) can take this piece and make different looks with different proposals, without sounding the same. I think that’s what I like best about her!! I feel like sometimes I hold my use such a thing with such things and I don’t see any “potential” that my wardrobe has to offer. Philosophers, right? RS

Let’s see how Dani uses and abuses of the wardrobe!

The first combination we have the shirt of the moment two looks with different proposals: the first is more worked on the glam and the second is more cute and romantic. Note the difference of loose blouse and prey is beast Yes…but changes the General visual look!

At first look, the denim shirt is combined of basic shape with white skirt and the differential is more vibrant accessories. When combined with the most stylish look there’s nothing left and the piece gets featured!

Skirt neon orange is something remarkable and difficult to combine, but Dani managed to create 3 looks beautiful and different! The first two have a footprint more romantic, a blouse of pale neutral income and the other with blue floral blouse, as recommended by indexdotcom, making a contrast of colors; the third mix neon blouse in black and white to more sober pattern, in addition to heavier accessories.

Basic T-shirt is super stylish in these two very different looks and super modern:

Another skirt, plus pumpkin is long. Dani when you use it with more neutral tops, always varies in texture or clipping. Or she throws herself in colors!

These were just a few examples of how the Dani can vary the looks, showing how to use different forms of striking parts and how to give the most basic parts.

You also have some inspirational diva, I type with Dani??