Research Reveals Vomiting Reduces Abortion Possibility

Research claims that nausea slows the chances of a miscarriage by as much as 75%, which is good news for pregnant women who suffer from these discomforts.

Research Reveals Vomiting Reduces Abortion Possibility

Pregnancy is a very good phase in a woman’s life, because she is waiting for a new family member, who is a child who will be with her for a lifetime, but having a living being in your belly is not easy, therefore, it causes many discomforts, in which are the sickles.

Nausea is a part of pregnancy, many women can not smell or eat things that they feel like throwing up, and this, which seems to be a very bad thing because it causes bad feeling, is actually a good thing.

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In fact nausea is very common in the first months of pregnancy, but some women do not feel these symptoms at any time in pregnancy and others feel in the nine months, that is, it depends on each woman.

American scientists conducted a study and published it in a journal of the American Medical Association.

The survey was conducted with 797 pregnant women, among those who had nausea, the risk of losing the baby fell by 75%. Compared to women who did not get sick, those who vomit are less likely to have a miscarriage.

In addition to avoiding abortions, nausea also helps pregnant women protect themselves from food toxins and various diseases.

Pregnant women who are suffering from the discomfort of nausea should know that they are normal and in some ways is a defense for the baby.

Women who do not feel sick eat everything and many substances from food arrive to the baby, which can cause many problems for the little one, even, to lead to death.

Even pregnant women now knowing that nausea is good for babies, many of them can not stand the discomfort that arises, especially in the morning.

So to avoid nausea and nausea try to stay away from perfumes and other products with very strong smells, a good tip is that during pregnancy use only neutral products with weak perfume and avoid eating spicy, very sweet or greasy foods because, they cause many nausea.

Therefore, an American study said that nausea lessens the chances of a natural miscarriage, but pregnant women should take care that these discomforts do not disturb their day.

In case they happen in excess, it is best to seek your obstetrician to know what causes these sicknesses.