Review: Sun way man G25c

Sun way man G25C.


My first suway man was one F40A Falcon which I still have. He had some brand, Nitecore, Fenix, O light our site, and the feeling of quality which I caused is our site was living at the highest level, magnificent. With the passage of time have passed other SWM by my hand, and I think that the level of quality was somewhat lower. I came to desist from this mark with the F30R I asked for a friend (little sister of the F40A) coupled with some negative reviews I’ve read in the Forum, including the Dream it, a our site which its price should arrive clean to recipients. Curiosity and good price led me to buy a little to probe which has proved to be a small wonder, the SWM C22C and my impression of SWM was again very positive. On this Lantern I do a review, as it is a wonder. The possibilities as EDC are brutal. If the inspector Gadget take built-in our site, no doubt, it would be the C22C. Now another innovation of SWM, the G25C, which we shall an alyse has passed through my hands.

Sun way man presents a very content size tactical model. According to mark Lantern has the following specifications on its website:

In box headlight not specified anywhere about mode turbo including instructions. It is so high. On the other hand the first feeling I had is that it would be a lantern with a few unbalanced modes, it seems crazy to go from 1000 to 160 lumens. However nothing else turn it on you see accounts or to my touched me more ready factory, with a half-reasonable mode model, or those of SWM have calculated Dios know as the our site modes. Then we will stop here, because in the analysis I have found more surprises, luckily for good (at least I prefer it as well).

The G25C comes in the usual heavy duty cardboard, no prints, but of similar quality to other premium brands. It carries a sticker identifying the model and its main features. The Lantern comes inside very well protected with foam white, accompanied by advertising the brand and the warranty card. As accessories brings a couple of spare o ring and a clip. The feel is a pretty quality lantern and a very attractive design.

The size of the G25C is very content for a our site that is intended for tactical use. It carries a rather striking and oversized stainless steel bezel. His adonizado is very nice and soft, and takes only the necessary Knurling on the most relevant parts. The two metal buttons on the our site can be seen in the Tail. Would a tactic of double button?, now there are many, but… those two buttons contain much more than it seems (look at it in the UI). In relation to the double button, at first I thought that they would be very little recognizable in the dark. However, it is easy, very easy to locate each one. If you look carefully in the photo, as well as the difference in size, the larger button is slightly higher than that of the smaller size. The our site supports Tais land. The clip holding firmly to part of an aesthetic touch to is small.

Threads are similar to models in its segment in terms of quality. The Lantern comes sufficiently lubricated and quite clean. Body unscrews in its entirety, allowing easy access to the driver and tail cap. The buttons seem to be very good and its touch is great.

The our site is very comfortable to use on any type of use, including the tactical. Its smooth reflector is pulling width compared to its size our sites.


EDC our site, measures have to be as contained as possible. Then arises together with her sister C22C Traveller and two models of the competition newcomers to the market, which we also use to compare the Beam.

And here with other popular models.

Put battery weight is still content.

Interface And Use.

As I have already mentioned those two metal buttons hiding more functions than it apparently looks. I will try to explain it simple. This our site has three forms of application, which are selected by pressing both buttons simultaneously and turning the our site head. She will let you know of in use are with Flash.

Use tactical (1 Flash):. If you select this form of use, headlight becomes a tactic of pro. The small button activates the sling that will remain activated as long as it remains pressed. The large active high mode that it is locked. With this high mode if you press the button again, the STROBE is activated permanently, until we return to press.

Use outdoors (2 flashes). If you select this form of use with the small button we will continue activating the sling is not fixed, and with the large high mode. With this high mode can switch to low mode by pressing the small button. If we want to leave the fixed Sling we must hold small button for a second.

Use EDC (3 flashes). Same as above but the average mode is activated.

In tactical mode is a delight, and being small is not nothing uncomfortable, although a side button seems better for some activities.
Relative Potency, Runtime And Regulation.

Before making any analysis always try find out that type of batteries has used the brand to set their values, both brightness and runtime. Often marks (such as O light) used two CR123A to calculate lumens, because their lanterns usually give about how many lumens more than with 18650. On the other hand the capacity of a battery of course has a direct relationship with the runtime. It is also essential if the offered data conform to the Ansi-Nema FL1 specifications. As well, unfortunately I have been unable find out none of this with this model.

On the other hand something that couldn’t understand this model is to pass 1000 lumens 150 in three minutes of use. I cannot understand why there is a medium more rational way, although prior to the sphere Lantern integrative I realized immediately that by no means makes the 150 lumens, and nowhere near the 16… Its modes are much more rational and powerful. Note: Cannot assure so on all models, because for high upon arrival the probe in high mode to see if it changed three minutes and  It is my rare unit?… Not is why, but I am delighted that each and every one of these specifications are not met. In terms of the high way, fortunately in my unit it is quite real, delivering 946 lumens Ansi/Nema, 1012 lumens in boot, with a NCR18650BL.

In terms of regulation, the data are slightly lower than those offered by SWM, although it is true that in mode between the lumens are much higher. It is a regulated, but not linearly regulated our site. When we look at the chart we must not be fooled by the slope of the graph in high mode, because it is more motivated by the high mode runtime environment. Another novelty that I used is a Uni-T thermometer with datalogger that helped me to analyze the external temperature of the our site head. Test runtime in high mode, the forced ventilation was switched off until the 52 ° (external), moment in which it was activated. As you can see the three minutes in high mode, my unit continues at full speed. It was more than 10 minutes at the top until you reach that temperature. (Another conclusion is that my sphere PC fan works very well).


To analyze the projection we use models of similar concept (in terms of the projection).O light S30RII, SWM C22C and Nitecore MH20. This SWM resembles in screening the MH20, though there is no much difference between any of them. The projection angle is similar in all, somewhat more closed in the S30R. However the C22C seems to flood a bit more in the base of support, and the G25C more than the MH20.

10 cm from the wall we can see that his projection is very similar again to the MH20, with somewhat stronger Beam. (The Traveller shows an outer ring, the third, very intense, but very similar to these two larger.)

You is a our site that I love, I cannot deny it. Touch in hand is much more enjoyable to that of the other three models, the buttons are amazing, and is an attractive design. I do not like is the joke of specifications, but fortunately, in my case I have the big winners. Recommended our site.