Rumor of the Day: Twitter Plans to Release Tweets with More Than 140 Characters

Since its inception, Twitter has always been known for the 140 – character limit on tweets. But the hallmark of the social network may be about to end: according to Re / code, executives are discussing ways to allow users to post long messages directly in the service. The news comes just over three months after Twitter remove the 140 character limit for direct messages.

According to the publication, the end of the 140 character limit is an old discussion between employees and Twitter came to be considered in recent months, with the entry of CEO Jack Dorsey. The goal is to make Twitter more attractive to new users and increase the base, which is still small compared to other social networks such as Facebook.

Another possibility considered by Twitter is changing the way the 140 characters are recorded. Currently, when you mention the at sign a user or add an image in the tweet, just “spending” some characters. The idea is to exclude that content from the counter, allowing you to have more space to write the message.

Twitter decided not to comment on the matter.

Prepare the textão, guys.