Rumor of the Day: YouTube Will Stream Music (and Video) for $ 10 Per Month

It is not today that Google tries to find ways to get consistent revenue with YouTube. One of them, the alternative most adopted in relation to advertising is the paid subscription mode, which may also be implemented in 2013 in the service. It’s what informs this issue of Billboard.

According to the vehicle, sources close to the company have revealed that the idea is to create an audio streaming service such as Spotify or Rdio, but with the difference – obvious in the case of YouTube – also offer videos of the songs and having direct connection with Google Play All Access.

The signing of this service would cost somewhere around $ 10 per month, plus unlimited access to the music collection, allow the user to store audio and video on your device for offline access, for example. A free option would also be in Google’s plans, but with more limited resources and display the already traditional commercials.

The focus of this streaming mode would be mobile devices, which is quite reasonable, after all, tablets, smartphones and the like already represent 40% of access to YouTube, according to data recently released by Google.

It is true that the market already has an impressive variety of services type, but YouTube has the advantage of its immense popularity: who’s never seen accessing the service to listen to your favorite music or to meet new bands? With audio quality and more additional features, such as the aforementioned offline execution option, many supporters of this practice could feel convinced to pay for the service.

It is also true that Google has an extensive history of conflict with record labels and rights holders on intellectual property, so we would have already closed licensing agreements with leading companies in the industry such as Warner Music and Universal Music, according to Billboard.

As yet there is nothing confirmed, the question is: it is a paid service YouTube streaming around? Google was contacted for comment. A representative said the company is always working to provide better ways for people to take advantage of the service content, but there is no announcement for the moment. Well, this answer is not “no”, right?