Samsung Galaxy S5: That Should Be Able to Prime, Mini & Zoom

When the Galaxy S5 Samsung pursued a similar policy as with the previous generation: to several offshoots of the flagship produced, are the very different demands. We give you a brief overview, what smartphones just in the making are – and what they can become the rumored.

With the Samsung Galaxy S5, a strong all-rounder is available since early April which has convinced us in the test. The powerful hardware meets all the requirements of everyday life, plus a high-quality and sharp full-HD-Super-AMOLED display with 5.1 inches diagonal. The shortcomings include among other places the high price and the plastic garment – here, Samsung could jump up with its variants.

Flagship in Expensive: Galaxy S5 Prime

Although apparently, the Galaxy S5 is already relatively expensive – it’s also high-quality and high-priced. Allegedly, Samsung is working on a premium model, marketed in so far as Galaxy S5 Prime. Among other things it could offer a very different display:’s to score with QHD resolution, which promises more sharpness than on the actual flagship. In addition, that the screen with 5.2-inch would be slightly larger. In conversation, there is also a different processor, namely the Exynos 5430. He would have eight cores instead of four, which could be clocked at 2.1 GHz. It promises more pixels and more performance, but remains open: at what price?

It is also questionable whether Samsung will change something on the optics. HTC makes it at the one M8, whose metal body gives a more elegant character of the Smartphone. Maybe decide even the Koreans to a similar step. After all: Already in June the permium Smartphone could appear.

Camera is in Focus: Galaxy K Zoom

On the Galaxy S4 zoom was the kinship to the flagship on behalf of recognizable–Samsung has changed with the new offshoot. In the current generation, he means zoom Smartphone-digicam-hybrid Galaxy K and is therefore stronger as a separate model. The focus is the rear-view camera with a resolution of 20.7 MP – at the Galaxy S5 16 mega pixels. Also, a special feature is the optical zoom, which allows a 10-fold increase. Both the processor and the display the Galaxy K lags zoom something behind the S5’s flagship back: instead of four cores at 2.5 GHz, there are now four cores with 1.3 GHz and two cores with 1.7 GHz, which are worse probably cut in the benchmark test. The display are only a 4.8-inch 1280 x 720 pixels, what not does not match up to the full HD resolution of the Galaxy S5.

Zoom has already introduced the Galaxy K Samsung and tell now more details on the release. The camera-smartphone hybrid to be available from mid-May, the rate is 519 euro (RRP).

Small is Still Beautiful: Galaxy S5 Mini

The Galaxy S5 is too big and too expensive, which could feel at home with the Galaxy S5 mini. Because: Even should be the model as a compact unit designed in this generation that features the rumors that a Bildschrimdiagonale of 4.5 inches – so it fits better in the Pocket than the other variants. However, you must accept sacrificing the hardware in all likelihood, among other things, the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels to 1280 x 720 pixels like in the Galaxy K decreases zoom

At the other facilities of the Galaxy S5 mini Samsung could bring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 as clocks used, which has four processor cores and is supported by a 1.5 GB large memory – 2 GB at the flagship. Like at the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5, also the cover of the mini version is to protect the Interior from water and dust. The Smartphone is ultimately how cheap and when it appears, is still unclear. By comparison, the Galaxy S4 had a PVU of 749 euros (16 GB) to the release, at the little brother, there were 417 euro.

Also the naming of the Smartphone is still unclear–in the tradition of its predecessor, the name Galaxy S5 would be mini obvious. Apparently Samsung wants to embark on yet another way: on a gel files photo can be seen that the model could bear the name Galaxy S5 DX.

With Unmodified Android: Galaxy S5 as Google Play Edition

As with the Galaxy S4 suggests a Samsung a way even with the current generations: the Galaxy S5 Google play Edition is a Smartphone variant there, receiving a unmodified version of Android. Thus, owner of the device of in the future faster updates can get for the operating system, because the update must be adjusted not to the Samsung TouchWiz UI. Has the Google play store what the Smartphone could look like on Thursday by mistake – or deliberately? -shown.

Again Comes the Outdoor Branch? Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

In recent times, some rumors that his outdoor variant of the flagship for the generation of S5 will revive round, demach Samsung make. It is however completely unclear to which target group, the Smartphone will be addressed. Because the Galaxy S5 is already certified according to the standard IP67 and the Interior is thus protected against dust and water. For the Galaxy S4, such an offshoot had made already sense, even if the model had sold ultimately rather badly. Now the question is: the IP CA is used in the Galaxy S5 active further upwards, or the Smartphone will have a stronger health and fitness related?

Meanwhile, also first benchmark results are surfaced, which provide information about the hardware. Thus the Galaxy S5 active with the facilities of the flagship will appear — a Snapdragon processor with 2.5 GHz include 2 GB RAM, 16 GB flash drive and Android 4.4.2 as the pre-installed operating system. Accordingly to the Smartphone want to rush in which niche and how it wants to distinguish itself from the Samsung Galaxy S5 apparent.