Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Test of the Noble Phablets

Test conclusion: what you should know

Fast, big, brilliant screen: the Galaxy S6 edge + impressed in the test. After Samsung has removed the 128 GB version, a memory card slot would have been but still important. And music fans to wonder: would there not yet a pen just fit? Best price on the Internet: 519,95 euro * per order this product on Amazon very high pace of work prepared for Wireless charging of fingerprint sensor heart rate monitor very sharp, high-contrast display good video quality cons battery not simply replace a memory card slot smooth backside test note of Editor 2.16 good users rating (out of 2 reviews) on 13 August 2015 unveiled Samsung his two new Android giant Galaxy S6 edge + and Galaxy rated 5. Both have a 5.7-inch display with resolution of the monster. The grade 5 assumes the role of the classical Phablets with stylus and the S6 edge + plays the Extrovert Phablet star without S-pen. Apart from the larger screen is in the Galaxy S6 edge + almost same technique as in the edge of the S6. Grows 3 to 4 gigabytes (GB) of memory, the device memory (32 GB or 64 GB) is not expandable. Since surprising the lack of a 128-GB version. Our site has tested whether the Galaxy S6 edge plus the better Galaxy S6 edge is and reveals whether it is an alternative to Apple’s plus iphone 6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +

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Design and housing

Without the model Samsung Galaxy S6 edge design would be spectacular, but so the edge + is actually only a larger edge version without surprises. Imagine a normal S6 edge in iphone-6-plus size. Draw a half centimeter upwards and the weight 20 gram you have finished the S6 edge + (153 g) is. This Samsung accommodates even the larger screen in the more compact housing. The edge + although not quite as handy as the normal edge, is a Catcher but equally. On the camera, it brings the housing on a height of 8.5 millimetres, the rest is slim 7 mm. About squeezing in a metal frame, front and rear plug under glass. Unfortunately almost attracts a smooth affair, the fingerprints. The white model it is less, however this version not for Germany is foreseen. Under the glass reflects a metallic-looking surface. Bling-Bling-fans get their money at the Golden version. Who, however, like to subtly has, rather sniffs and reaches for black.


The screen diagonal is growing compared to the S6 edge 5.1 inch 5.7 inch. It remains at the high resolution 2560 x 1440 ppi responsible for extreme sharpness of 518. In contrast, there is to complain about anything. With 1,356: 1 he is almost a third better than when the iphone 6 plus and to a level similar to the S6 edge. That Samsung can build now bright AMOLED displays, they have already proved with S6 and S6 edge. The S6 edge + comes with 643 candela per square meter while not quite on the edge of the S6 (763 cd / m ²), but nevertheless are among the brightest displays in the test field and outshines the iphone 6 plus (507 cd / m ²). “The edge + makes this iphone 6 plus clunky look but the mirror back sucks.” Christian Just, head of Department of telecommunications & Internet

Fleet operation, high speed

The design with the sides curved display fascinated in XXL format. Eight computing cores (4 x 2, 1 ghz + 4 x 1, 5 ghz) provide tempo. While the operation is simple and works very fast, comes the S6 edge + on the practical determination of the pace of work (Note: 2.48) not on the iphone 6 plus (Note: 1.17) or the Galaxy touch edge (Note: 1.42) up. One reason: The S6 edge + needed a lot of time in the test, to trim a video.

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How good is the most expensive Samsung Galaxy Phablet? Our site has tested it and reveal whether it was enough for the top the leaderboard. Flagship in the test: Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus

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Grows In comparison to the S6 edge the battery from 2,600 to 3,000 mah. This compensates for the increased power consumption due to the larger display. Case of intensive use the S6 edge + in the Our site mix lasted 9 hours and 42 minutes. These are just 14 minutes more than the edge of the S6. As it goes, that shows iphone 6 plus. With almost 15 hours, it plays in another endurance League. It runs just under 45 hours in moderate use. The S6 edge Galaxys goodbye after about 30 hours. Even the Bill edge perseveres with 11 and 33.5 hours longer. But there are also rants in energy management: thanks to a new wireless charging cradle (EP PN620) with 25 watt charging power the edge + to load also wireless faster one-third. Other accessories on your Smartphone is not necessary. Specs comparison: Edge of S6, S6 edge +, note edge S6 edges6 edge + note edge Displaydiagonale5, 1 Zoll5, 7 Zoll5, 6 zollauflösung2560x14402560x14402560x1440(+160)577 ppi518 ppi525 ppiram3 GB4 GB3 gbprozessorexynos 7420Exynos 7420Qualcomm Snapdragon 805Prozessor4x2 1 + 4 x 1, 5 ghz4x2, 1 + 4 x 1, 5 ghz4x2, 7 ghzgpumali 760 MP8Mali 760 MP8Adreno 420Speicher32/64/128 GB32/64 GB32 gbmicrosdkeinekeinebis 128 gbkamera16 MP16 MP16 mpfrontkamera5, 0 MP5, 0 MP3 , 7 mpakku2. 600 mah3. 000 mah3. 000 1 x 70, 1 mm154, 4 x 75, 8 mm151, 3 x 82, 4 mmdicke7, mahmaße142, 0 gpreis mm6 mm8 9, 3 mmgewicht132 g153 g174 (UVP)849/949/1.049 Euro799/899 Euro849 euro


The camera (F1. 9) dissolves with 16 megapixels.) The strict view of test in the Laboratory revealed: visible edge blur, significant fringing on high-contrast transitions, imprecise white balance, visible image noise and a few shades of detail in dark areas. The score for image quality: 3.46. The iphone 6 plus made a better figure here with a score of 2.53. For the edge + offers higher resolution and noticeably better videos. If required in 4 K (3840 x 2160 pixels). The front-facing camera (F1. 9) offers a resolution of 5 megapixels and suffered some blur and distortion such as at the edge of the S6. Still, there is more detail than on the iphone 6 plus. In addition it roars little and colors and exposure fit well. The fleet shutter lag (0.2 seconds) approaching fast iphone (0.12 seconds) almost that.

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Connectivity, sensors and sound

The Galaxy S6 edge + is fully equipped. Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac standard and Bluetooth are in version 4.2 on board. In addition, NFC, ANT +, USB 2.0 and LTE provide for the connection with the outside world. The S6 edge + USB is 23.5 MB / s fuel faster than many other phones. For this, the image transfer to a screen only by Miracast is possible. In addition to the fingerprint sensor are also heart rate monitor and pedometer. By S-health, you can accurately document your athletic performance. Both the sound on the phone as well as hands-free speech were good. This applies to the musical sound, provided use not the supplied headphones, only falsified to listen to your music.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +: prices, memory, color

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +: Amazon customers say

At Amazon the Galaxy S6 edge + four star average comes off very well. Up on a few votes, the phone consistently receives the top rating. To beech suggests in particular the camera, chic design, the screen and the good pace of work. In the other two S6 models, users criticize the missing microsd slot and the battery firmly installed. With a handful of customers also have bubbles under the display made.

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Conclusion: Galaxy S6 edge +

Fast, big, brilliant screen: the Galaxy S6 edge + can convince in many disciplines and has similar performance as the model Galaxy S6 edge, what makes anything worse and is handy. The iphone 6 plus in practice lasts much longer and is also sometimes brisk, but it has left videos and the display. The smaller, non-expandable memory ultimately ensures that the note is not better and the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge + narrowly missed the podium.