Samsung Gets Fake Complaints about Burned down Galaxy Note 7 Phones

Owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 15 different countries have sent Samsung false complaints about the phone is broken in the fire.

Samsung has it not easy in these weeks when the blunder with battery problems in the top model Galaxy Note 7 led to that Samsung had to stop all sales of and at the same time, revoke your phone.

It will be no easier by the fact that the South Korean producer struggling with false alerts on the phone is gone in the fire.

To the website ZDNet Announces Samsung as the producer has received at least 26 reviews, there have been teams in the, about Note 7-phones that have gone up in flames since the recall.

In 12 of the cases there was no problem with that Galaxy Note 7, and 7 other cases owners pulled their notification. The last 7 cases where owners have not been to get hold of.

9 of these cases took place in the United States, 3 in South Africa, 2 in France and 1 from Canada, U.A.E., respectively, the Philippines, Iraq, Croatia, Lebanon, Romania, Singapore, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Turkey and Viet Nam.


Used a picture from the Web as documentation

The owner from Canada tried to get her complaint through by sending a picture as proof. However, it turned out to be snatched from the Internet from another Note 7-owner whose phone went up in flames.

The complaint from Singapore was not something, because the owner claimed to have thrown his Galaxy Note 7 out of the car when it suddenly even ignited – and this allegation could not be substantiated.

Samsung is in full swing with that get swapped all 2.5 mio. copies sold, which reached to be sold in the first 11 countries before sales were halted. In the United States have now managed to get the manufacturer replaced half of the 1 million copies sold, so there is still some way to go before the danger is eliminated.

Samsung has therefore also tried to press the early buyers of the phone to mail it and reverse it as soon as possible by issuing a software update that restricts the battery’s maximum capacity to 60%. There have also been issued a warning in the software, in which it is recommended to get it turned off and replaced with the same.

Sales will resume shortly

In Denmark expect Samsung, that fresh supplies without failed batteries in the month of October, and it is in all likelihood also next month that sales resume – the question is just exactly when.

Samsung has not yet announced a final date out in Denmark. It has the producer on the other hand, in the United States. The 28. September is Samsung already ready to resume sales on the other side of the Atlantic.