Samsung Is Attached to Cabify to Incorporate Tabalets with Entertainment Systems and Information in Their Vehicles

Mobile World Congress 2017 start, and this is a perfect pretext for the launch of an interesting collaboration between Samsung, Cabify, and the Spanish startup CarMedia Solutions, those who are implementing a new system of information and direct training in the private transport service vehicles.

Starting today 20 February and even March 5, vehicles of Cabify in Barcelona they will have a tablet Galaxy Tab A (2016), which will be placed in the headrest of the car. This tablet will feature the platform created by CarMedia, which allows to access and view different options for journeys.

Interactive travel

The Galaxy Tab to allow that Cabify service passengers can sail in its 10.1 inch screen, where you can access news via Euronews, touristic options with recommendations of emblematic sites of the city, weather, maps, dining recommendations, as well as its own browser and up to a available in seven languages voice translator.

The tablet will be connected to the internet through a 4 G connection, and in addition, the contents will be geo-referenced, which will make recommendations and show information according to the area where you go driving.

In addition to this, will also be available multimedia content such as videos, music, or television programs, which seeks to make the trip a little more entertaining. It should be noted that this is just a pilot test, where the arrival of foreigners in the MWC will be used to find out if such efforts are attractive.

So far not mentioned if this new format of interactive travel will be available later, either to Barcelona and other cities in Spain, Portugal or Latin America where Cabify currently has presence.