Saraiva Launches Platform for Publishing E-books

Saraiva yesterday released post up! (Anyway, lowercase and exclamation) platform for publishing books by independent authors. With it, you give to format and launch an ebook uncomplicated and the author rely on the structure sales online bookstore to market his work.

To publish a book, just fill out the information about it – such as title, author, synopsis and cover image – and climb the Word text file or Office Writer; himself is published! is responsible for converting to EPUB format. There is a guide on the site for the person to make the prissy formatting in the program and the book looks good after conversion.

The price is also chosen by the author. Therein Saraiva receives, since the tool is free: the company’s commission is 65% of the value.

While using the tool to publish the ebook is simple, put it in the air has a porçãozinha bureaucracy that can be kind of boring. You must print the membership term, sign, notarize and send to the company by mail.

Saraiva also intends in the future to increase the scope of post-it! promoting releases on the network and printed books bookstores.