Scarves and Foulards Only Thing of Women? Enough Already, by God!

Cansadito I have all cansadito. It seems lie that being as you are taking so much time reading some blog, at this point in life and assuming that you show a minimum of interest for fashion, you have not been able to give account of which perhaps is the major premise in dress, a set, modify existing one or create a new one from nothing: the garments are made to us, not us them.

I’m tired of hearing that if the slings are female, that if I want to but I don’t dare, if my girlfriend let me … and all for the same as always: prejudices. Yes girl’s, that if we then say that seen very gay (this is another … how dress gays? do other than straights?) When we have not noticed that the feminine is not the garment itself, but the way that we have to carry it, combine it, make it and take it.

How many times we have seen how the same set, with the same clothes and even the same sizes, in different people it seems is completely different. What’s going on? Have you changed clothes in the tester? Not at all, that has changed is the user and it is that gives the last and most important touch to the whole.

And Yes, it is true that there are items as the handkerchiefs, the scarves, bags, or skirts that always have been linked to female lockers, but because no one had dared to give a twist of nut. I’m not saying that we can reach the slopes of our sisters or mothers, but certainly if that can take the idea of skirt, adapt it to the male audience and exploit its tremendous potential.

But as the skirt is perhaps much ask, let’s start with the scarves and handkerchiefs. I am going to teach a few tricks, some basic principles about use and as to combine them so that once you lose the fear of this garment and you give has the elegant and above all, masculine and manly that can be converted if we know that time and where to use it.

There are plenty of ways to do it, but personally I’ll take three. The first one is the closed, a touch very classic vintage only and it can be used for pretty refined looks; i.e., with jackets, shirts, pants, shoes … for this case, and since most of the time tends to go inside the shirt, the ideal is that we elect to scarves in silk, linen or cashmere that occupy little and even less bulk.

If we opt for take it outside, We will have to take into account that the loop (very simple as you can see in the photo) has to be opened, to feel of amplitude contrast with the sobriety and linearity of the American or the suit, and thus get the opposite effect: a contrast of textures and styles. And of course short length, although that is something more personal.

The other option is to take it Open, without knot, just returned by the neck by way of tola. This way it is used when what we want is not to highlight the use of cloth or handkerchief in the set, but the same garment itself: its design, its colors, its forms … want that harmonize with the rest of the garments and to not become a complement. Moreover, sometimes it is he who carries out on shirts or t-shirts, making these in a simple background for the scarf accessory.

Then there are the multi-turn, that you resemble most scarves even if they do not become such. They are suitable for carrying them with nothing, i.e., We flee from the jackets or the American because there is no us all within the neck. Large coats, jerseys of neck back (on the neck), V neck … the idea is to try and you can see comfortable with it.

Another thing that concerns us and that seems irrelevant although it is not so, is where it has look end of the handkerchief or cloth. We can either hide it inside the shirt or the back (and occupy little, which we do not want to hump us out) or to remove it to go with all or part of its length, as it is centered on the chest, which will tie Visual effects, or to one side, to break the visual balance of the whole.

And then we will always be the innovation, tremendously appreciated when donning the scarves because that we will not only distinguish us from the rest but it also our desire to continuously find looks new and offenders will be shown. The photo is a clear example, perhaps somewhat more sophisticated but that with patience and a mirror before we can achieve without problems.

And for supuestísimo that I am open to send me photos, looks, sets or ideas to publish them here in Mensencia. I believe that together we can achieve that once people lose fear the scarves and handkerchiefs and certainly well received (and praised) they will be your proposals, so encourage them and not be afraid.

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