Search Google Handwriting

After research by voice and images, the Google released on the afternoon of Thursday (26) a feature that allows users of tablets and smartphones do web searches handwriting on the screen of your devices. “The handwritten allows the user to use their finger to write the letters across the screen of their devices without keyboards that take up half the screen or keys that must be found and pressed.”

The handwriting recognition system is now available in 27 languages ​​(including Portuguese) for devices with iOS 5, phones with Android 2.3 and tablets with Android 4.0. The novelty is that eliminates the installation of applications to run. To use just the user to access Google on your device, go to Settings and turn on the Search option Writing and click Save. Google says the system “works best” in Chrome.

However, the tests done for this post shows that the feature has some flaws. On a Motorola Milestone 2 with Android 2.3, it was necessary to design large, since the browser and hardware limitations just could not regstrar small print. Once the character was recognized, disappeared from the screen and freed up space for other letter was written. The process is not exactly slow, but it’s not exactly fluid.