Simyo Will Always Apply The 300MB Free for in Their Rate of 5 Cents

No promotions or limitations of date to be able to hire him, Simyo has announced that its rate of 5 cents per minute It will include the 300 MB free every month forever and for all customers regardless of when activated rate.

Until now it was an offer limited until 17 August but as you would expect, Simyo will keep it valid indefinitely because it is one of the most interesting rates including market totally free mobile Internet up to 300MB each month.

Conditions remain them themselves and as a difference with other similar rates in the market, Simyo only requires a minimum consumption of 6.99 euros (no fee) that you can achieve with calls, SMS or also more data since additional traffic exceeded the 300MB is charged 3 cents/MB (in this case you could browse up to 533 MB/month for a total of 6.99 EUR).