SkyDrive Adds Support for Larger Files, OpenDocument and Short URLs

With the launch imminent of Google Drive, the file storage services are running not to be disadvantaged. The recently Dropbox doubled the bonus user indication and the developer LogMeIn decided to enter the market with Cubby. Now it’s time for Microsoft to release news on SkyDrive.

To announce the news, the team’s SkyDrive decided to wear the shirt: sent a text document to the service itself. By downloading, the first novelty: the file was saved in Open Document format – yes, the default open source that Microsoft fought to defend its own format, OOXML. Other texts (* .odt), spreadsheets (* .ods) and presentations (* .odp) should also be sent normally to SkyDrive and viewed with Office Web Apps.

Users of Windows Phone using the native sharing photos have shortened links automatically by on Twitter. Previously, the photos had enormous links that were shortened by own microblogging service. The preview images, available for Instagram, Twitpic and other services, however, is not available, which may alienate some users – including me.

A news published in February by our site was finally released: now SkyDrive supports files up to 300MB, up from 100 MB previously offered. The storage limit files remains the same: 25 GB. The synchronization application for Windows and Mac OS X, also mentioned in the news, have not yet been released, but should be only a matter of time.In the document itself, the team’s SkyDrive reports that “big news to come.”

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