Smartphone Market: Palm Is Again (Times) Away

Will the lights go out soon?

Smartphone Market Palm Is Again (Times) Away
Almost as fast as Palm emerged from the sinking, the white flag is again waved. A little over a year ago Palm had pulled his last card and introduced a truly revolutionary smartphone, the Palm Pre. With the Palm Pre, the market should be rolled up and ultimately the iPhone be beaten-as far as the heroic plans. In recent months, however, the reports have been stepping up with declining sales figures and financial problems, and the price of the share fell almost to the ground. Now there are the first rumors to a potential takeover and also also possible capital increase or a licensing option for webOS.

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Let us take a look at the upcoming events and let us wonder who will be the winner of a possible bidding battle and will be able to take over Palm’s more or less valued names-and more importantly, who can take the tons of patents that Palm still has . In principle, however, you will soon be able to ascertain that webOS is soon transformed into a dead operating system, so it is only a matter of time before the servers are switched off, the OS or the app store is still alive receive. In this sense: RIP Palm! The idea was certainly nice but the implementation ultimately horrible. It will be interesting to see which of the next operating systems are in the process of consolidating the market for Android smartphones reviewed by

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PS: Nevertheless, today the German market entry of the current Palm models (Pre Plus and Pixi), which until now only on the American market were present, was announced. Both models will be available from April 28th, both at o2 and at Vodafone-information on prices have not yet existed, cf. Including reporting to Golem.

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