Smartwatch Group Market Share

As grows the Smartwatch Market, Apple and Samsung will be the only ones Who Will Benefit

An interesting report by Jan Dawon, Jackdaw Research Analyst, reveals what could be the scene of the smartwatch long-term market. As it is currently in the industry of the smartphones where Apple and Samsung are their clear players, the world of the smartwatch might not be very different from the reality that we live in today with smart phones.

Dawson warns that new players should “stay out of the market”, and the existing ones should relax its long-term plans. These are some of the reasons:

So far, we’re seeing that a lot of companies are encouraged to create their own smartwatch to make itself a space or take advantage now that the market is expanding. However, as was the case with smartphones, everything points to that once Apple releases its iWatch, few are the companies that really make these new devices business.

In fact, in the market of smartphones, the situation is quite similar, well except for Apple and Samsung, other companies do not have practically notable income derived from the sale of terminals. For example, HTC, Sony and Google (Nexus) have maintained very tight prices that have not allowed them to fully monetize the sale of the device to reach.

The launch of the iWatch would mark the turning point for the expansion of the market of the smartwatch

At the moment will have to wait for Apple to release your iWatch to actually see if the smart watches market undergoing this expansion that we are all waiting for. Once occurs, is very likely that many of the manufacturers who have taken advantage of the initial “boom” of this new category, definitely withdraw from the market or go to adopt a much more secondary position.

Remember that Reuters has already announced that Apple would launch the iWatch in October, with 2.5 inch screen, Wireless charging and a large number of sensors to monitor our health. Do you think that Apple and Samsung will be the owners of the market of the smartwatch?