Snapchat Alternatives: These Apps Copy the Model

Send pictures and videos with limited visibility – the Messenger service Snapchat is due to the automatic “self destruction” great popularity. According to the minds behind the app, more than 700 million images are sent per day! But other developers increasingly offer applications that have similar functions.

Because data security is for more and more users in focus, there are a number of Snapchat alternatives that appear worthwhile. Since late last year, hackers had stolen data of 4.6 million Snapchat users. Therefore a list of Messenger services we have created for you, go in a similar direction as the popular app – but not just only copy, but bring also a personal touch.

Clip Chat: Snapchat with Better Optics

Clip chat is similar to not only because of the name Snapchat, but also has a very similar feature set. With this app, your videos and photos you can record and send to your friends. They delete themselves after at least five seconds – a fast attention is necessary. In contrast to Snapchat, however the developers have tried to equip clip chat with an attractive exterior.

A drawback, however, is: the photos can be; although labeled Unfortunately, there are however not the possibility to insert your own drawings. In return, there is also a big advantage over Snapchat: your contacts must have not installed the Messenger, but be only registered on Facebook to get the pictures. Clip chat is available for mobile devices, which either iOS or use Android as the operating system.

Wickr: High Level of Encryption

With the app Wickr, you can send encrypted messages, and specify the time period such as Snapchat or clip chat, for which it is to see. This applies to images, videos and audio recordings. With the deletion of a message, also the metadata such as, for example, the airtime will be shredded, which improves data security. The developers at the same time guarantee to collect any personal information when registering. Also while using the Messenger service stores information about user behavior. Wickr is you free download available for iOS and Android operating systems in the respective app stores.

Wink!: Focus on Photos and Parts with Several Friends

The application wink! is intended as Snapchat in the first place to be able to share pictures with friends. Sharing the photos taken is at Wink! but more comfortable than at the large model – so can you send for example photos to multiple friends at the same time. A self-destruct function is also integrated the ability to provide images with a text or a doodle. Also the Snapchat alternative wink! is available free of charge for the operating systems iOS and Android.

Silent Text: Apps for Serious News

Who uses Messenger not only for private purposes, offers the manufacturer silent circle equal to several applications for the secure exchange of data. To send messages, which themselves destroy, there’s the app silent text. Encrypted messages can be deleted with the flame symbol during an ongoing conversation. Also safe send files up to 100 MB in size should be possible according to the manufacturer. The free application of silent text is available for mobile devices with the Android and iOS operating systems.

Facebook Poke: Famous “Poke”

Poke with Facebook the company by Mark Zuckerberg has released a Snapchat alternative. The app sends messages, pictures and videos, these self-destruct within 10 seconds after opening the receiver itself. Cool feature to display the possible misuse: If the addressee makes a screenshot of the message, this is indicated by a symbol the sender. The free app Facebook poke is compatible only with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Confide: No Screenshots of Possible

Similar to how silent, text is also the free app confide primarily to users who use the Messenger service to exchange with colleagues. Conversation history are automatically deleted as soon as the participants complete the transfer of messages. Additional privacy should be created by preventing screenshots. Also you appears, when the recipient has read the message. Confide is available for all mobile devices with iOS in the app store or on iTunes.


Even if the safety of the Snapchat alternatives to the part is higher than in the large model: despite encryption and self-destruction, there can be no complete data security. Therefore you should send no photos with these applications, that you could be embarrassing later keyword: Sexting. Wickr appears due to the high encryption as the safest of the Snapchat alternatives. Useful for confide and Facebook poke is that your sent images with a screenshot can be saved or you will be warned at least if this makes your contact.

How at Snapchap applies but many of the alternatives: you and your friends need to have installed the same application, which results in a small contact list just for niche apps. For example, clip chat by integrating Facebook compensates for this disadvantage. Who needs a Messenger service for professional purposes, can look at text confide and silent. As a general rule: because all the applications are free, try about studying goes.