So Little It Costs Apple to Produce iPhone 7

It costs Apple only 1,950 dollars to produce iPhone 7, and with a price tag on 5,699 dollars and up, serve Apple rushing to the new cell.

It is no news that Apple manages to make a huge profit on its products with relatively high prices, but at the same time, low production costs. How has it been with all previous iPhones, and the story repeats itself with this year’s new iPhone 7.

CNN has, in fact, together with the two our websites, produced an estimate of how much-or rather how little-it costs Apple to produce an iPhone 7. After having carried out an extensive review of the phone’s hardware and kompoenter-a so-called teardown-sounds estimated that an iPhone 7 costs Apple only 1,950 dollars.

It is approximately 27% higher or about 410 dollars more than last year’s iPhone 6s, which, according to a review from the Business Insider cost Apple 1,540 dollars to manufacture. So what is it that makes the new iPhone 7 something more expensive to produce than iPhone 6s?

With a price of 493 crowns are the most expensive component of the motherboard, which is the entire brain in iPhone 7. Here are both A10 Fusion processor, modems to cellular data, Wi-Fi, SIM card holder and many, many other important parts to find.

Next comes the 4.7 “large IPS display, which cost 297 dollars. Since it’s the same display panel as in iPhone 6s, are the costs in this iPhone 7 lower than last year, as the price of it has fallen since then.

173 dollars costs the two cameras in iPhone 7, after which the aluminum construction follows with 147 dollars. The stereo speakers are also a major expenditure with a price of 77 kroner, followed by battery, which costs 27 dollars.
Of course, there is a sea of other, small components in the iPhone, in addition to the above 7. These are included in the category other and constitute the entire 783 crowns of the Bill for a manufactured iPhone 7. In addition to these, there are also a large number of other costs for Apple when an iPhone 7 must be to.

There is the actual cost of producing the phone at the factories, shipment of the phones, software development, research and product development, marketing, and much more, which is helping to send the price of weather-and so must of course also be room for a certain profit.