Soft White vs Daylight LED Bulbs

As you can see, there are black and white … 

Therefore, be careful to read the lighting temperature of LED bulbs or other products led you purchase. The image speaks against for itself … The poor quality of products in general offers a very unpleasant cold lighting. There are a multitude of light colors also here is some information to help you there.

Soft White vs Daylight LED Bulbs

Determine if you already like the traditional warm lighting incandescent bulbs or if you are quite satisfied with daylighting obtained the day without artificial lighting.

What choices? Warm white to very cold white.

You have a choice of temperature illumination color. The warm white. (2300 ° K to 3200 ° K) Warm white is none other than as consistent as possible replica of traditional lighting, namely the color of your incandescent or halogen bulbs. This color is not always well understood by LEDBulbBay because dimmable LED lighting causes a loss of power due to the opacity of the components added to the LED for that shade. Some manufacturers do not hesitate to sometimes add up to green in the yellow to increase the light output but the effect is not always pretty. This color is to be reserved for purists warm white, we recommend a close to natural lighting.

 The light warm white. (3500 ° K and 4500 ° K) 

Issue of a manufacturing error at the base, this color then mass produced due to the enthusiasm of our customers.The V-LumTech manufacturer we had delivered in 2007 a lot of lamps whose color was loupée during manufacture.We decided to offer you and it was a success. It was the missing link between white and warm white and responding to customers who wanted to get rid of the warm white (incandescent color) but sometimes reluctant to opt for white. The warm white light was born.

 Day white-light. (5000 ° K to 6000 ° K) 

White-light day … Also called color of the day, this color is home to about 95% of your purchases and is none other than the color that is closest to the natural lighting. The trend is neutral white, people no longer wish to retain the traditional lighting of the color induced recall only by burning a filament. Some manufacturers estimate that the day-light white is around 6500 ° K while we estimate around 5,000 ° K. Everyone will make his opinion on the matter.For us it is the color that best meets the color rendering.

The cold white. (6500 ° K and 8000 ° K)

Cold White is a color temperature in which we perceive a shade of blue in white. This is the equivalent of the illumination color shown in our picture above this article. This color of LED lighting is sometimes preferred because it allows objects to some value. We generally find a little side High Tech. It should be noted that this type of LED lighting is not especially recommended in the living rooms, the majority of information returns also show that this color is appreciated in the storage room, utility room, staircase, garage, outside, but discouraged in your living room, your bedroom or dining room.

The very cold white. (8000 ° K to 20,000 ° K) 

The very cool white is a color temperature in which we clearly perceive a shade of blue pronounced in white. A LED lighting is perfect for outdoor and some lighting by LEDs like aquariums but totally unpleasant for home use.

You now have an overview of the possible tones for your LED lighting, however the screen color adjustment may slightly alter the perception that you might have these different colors. Now you’ll know better how to guide your choice and choose led bulb. Click here if you want to know how a shade of white obtained by LED lighting.