Sony XB950BT-a Cheap Basbombe [Test]

Sony headset XB950BT has a cryptic name, but offers plenty of quality and bass for the money.

Wireless audio costs, especially when seen on larger units, for there are producers most often generous with comfort, sound quality, operating times and functions.

Just such a one is Sony’s XB950BT – but at a point separates the one: the price. Cheapest model on the net is seen for a little over a thousand dollars, and pre-order you one of Sony’s new Xperia XZ phones you get it for free with additional purchase.

It sounds enticing, but it must now increasingly sounds good.

Sony XB950BT specifications

Type: half-open, over-ear with bass boost
Weight: 280 g
Performance: 40 mm driver, 3-28,000 Hz response
Battery: 20 hours, 4 hours of micro-USB charging
Cable length: 120 cm
Colors: black, red or blue
Bluetooth: 3.0 with aptX
Moreover: NFC, BassBoost and microphone
Price: from about 1,100 Crowns

Sony is XB950BT large headset of the kind you put over your ears, not on the ears. The whole package weighs a total of 280 grams-a bit heavy so, but in no way a disaster, for soft leather pads and a wide hanger with leather lining distributes weight excellent.

The weight also contributes to a general sense of quality. It is always hard to predict the sort of, but the good joints and hinges, as well as the strong plastic, gives hope for more good years of use in this set hear steaks.

The design of XB950BT is at the same time, in line with the Sony likes to give its other products: strict, angular lines with a minimal use of curves.

It is very masculine expression will certainly not come to everyone’s taste, but after a few days of use, I could now see a certain charm in the simple and tight lines. The width of the hanger in raw aluminum ends up giving the whole package a breath 90’s retrolook is.


Practical operation

It is certainly not all who are fans of the look, but the control should be able to make everyone happy.Here is no fancy touch-or voice-control, but on the other hand, there is a well defined button to all imaginable features.

At the same time, every simple button sized differently and clicks on each their way. Therefore, you will easily be able to tell the difference and brand your way to right button even without looking at the headset. It is, of course, smart enough, when now it typically will rest on top of the shell.

Each ear cups can be folded so that the profile will be flatter. However, they may not be tilted inward – then the headset will always fill the part in the backpack or bag.

Sony MDR-XB950BT also does not come with any sort of bag or carrying case – it is always a bit of a shame, because you can always use a little protection for its electronics, as well as a space to store on the included micro-USB and audio cable.

Good connections

The actual mating between smartphone and XB950BT is straightforward. A long click on the power button puts the headset in the search mode, and then it is just about to turn it on, under your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

The process is facilitated further by a built-in NFC chip which can automate the entire mating. Is it ever too complicated, you can always resort to the old-fashioned cable.

Headset features are also present, but the drawers often during interviews, especially for outdoor overwhelmed the microphones of noise and one’s voice forstummes.


Boost on the bass

Audio impresses Sony on Engineering magazine. The two 40 mm drivers operating between 3 and 28,000 Hz, which is both far above and, in particular, far below what the human ear can detect.

Sony over offers itself in particular on basfronten where the already bastunge default sound, can be supplemented with a ‘ Bass Boost ‘ that utilizes specially carved air channels to create a colossal basdrøn.

The result is overwhelming to say the least. Head almost vibrates in time with the beats and bass riffs – impressing, but gets tiring after just a few seconds. I slapped it off quickly.

With this option turned off, the sound was immediately more civilized. XB950BT is still basglad, but can now also be enjoyed between tones and highs.

Lydsignaturen is now warm and accessible, which surely will delight the most but disappoint the purists who want a more neutral and detailed sound.

The battery itself reported to last 20 hours-which it routinely come near. It is also positive to battery die, will the wired connection still deliver a fine sound.

A cheap basbisse

Although the name is nearly impossible to decipher, it is not something stupid headset Sony has created in XB950BT.

The model is not exactly new anymore, but purely musical is still good with and even offers something unique with his wild ‘ Bass Boost ‘ feature. The latter will, however, only pleasure pure and simple bass-junkies.

Sonyen offers, however, on a big disappointment: which headset is XB950BT close to being unusable in certain outdoor situations.

Fortunately, the daily rate at just over a thousand crowns, and evaluates to XB950BT limited solely as a set of wireless headphones will not be disappointed. We therefore on lands 4 ½ out of 6 stars.