Sports Bra for Work

Alexandra Bring, Ida Warg and Hannah Andersson are just some of Swedish training bloggers who joined the trend to train in just sports bra . Now the trend is predicted to grow.

So far, it is mostly celebrities with super bodies, training bloggers and Victoria’s Secret models in our Instagram feeds following the trend. But now, in the summer when it gets warmer, I think that trend will spread wider, says Isabelle Hawi , celebrity stylist and fashion editor at training magazine ShapeUp.

Where Do You Think the Trend Come from?

The trend to work out in the only sports bra has long been among the elite practitioners in such as running and high jump. Now that the training has become increasingly popular and we frequently become fitter than ever, we’d love to show it off. Generally, we dare to show off our bodies more now than before.

Would You Say That There Is a Positive Trend, or It Can Lead to Unnecessary Pressure?

I firmly believe that much of this training unit leads to performance anxiety, not necessarily because they want to be work out in the only sports bra but also becomes obsessed with the goal of a flat stomach and six pack. But certain women must be able to show the stomach, many of us dare to show more now than before. It also applies to men. I love that there are more and more common to see men in tights.

Where Would You Say That It Is Best Suited to Work in Just a Sports Bra?

For outdoor exercise, which is on the beach, utegymmet, the volleyball pitch and running track. When it is hot, it is natural to want to have as minimal amount of clothes as possible. At the gym the other hand, there are the AC and I do not think it is, according to etiquette to practice without a shirt for either men or women there, if we do not talk about bikram yoga. However, I think you should dress in workout clothes too. A girl in a yoga studio where I can usually get there in the triangle bikini  or underwire bra and I think this is not quite optimal.

If I Want to Have Such a Trendy Sports Bra as Possible, What Should I Buy then?

Color, color, color and pattern, patterns Marks continues. It’s actually a lot more fun to get away to the gym or workout with sports clothes that you feel happy!Moreover, it is increasingly common with V-neck models of sports bras and narrower band, something that is not for those who need more support at the top.

What Should I Match My Sports Bra on the Body?

Think like with everything else fashion, it’s about dimensions to get into a stylish outfit. Do you have such an oversize sweater, it looks best with skinny jeans to. If you loose boyfriend jeans, choose advantageously a tank top or a tighter shirt. Likewise, the sports bra, if you only have it on your upper body, you can compensate with longer tights beneath, or shorts that are not swine tight or super short and hot pants.

How Can I Do If I Would Like to Do Sports Trend but Feel a Little Uncomfortable with Being So Naked?

As with all trends, do not latch on to it if you do not feel comfortable with it. One trend is often just that, a passing fly. But if you want to bet forced to wear sports bra with a slightly larger tank over or a little thinner linen cotton so that the bra is visible anyway. You can also run on shorts or tights with high waist, then you can still play sports bra only, without showing too much belly.