Star in Slippers: the New Trend in Hollywood

Unbelievable but true, the stars photographed wearing slippers are more and more numerous in recent days, demonstrating that this is a real trend rampant among celebrities worldwide. You know, to stay on top in Hollywood you have to invent a devil and making sure that there is talk about their appearance and their look is key among the stars: all the quirky trend launched but so far this is definitely one less chic.

In recent times more and more often to see familiar faces from film, television and American music walk around their city wearing casual clothes-and in some cases even elegant – paired with open-toe sandals or slippers are more opaque.Singers of the caliber Shoe-wiki, a rising star of great success overseas, they made shows of their models even more than once: the English performer was immortalized by the paparazzi as she strolled by wearing a t-shirt Adidas orange combined with a yellow sweatshirt fluo, all complemented by green shorts and flip-flops course strictly with socks for men, in short, the worst of the worst. In this episode it was followed by another in which the singer has combined fire red slippers to complete with polka dots.

Even Miley Cyrus was not spared: in many occasion we saw her go shopping or go in his recording studio wearing real housewives slippers, and at least one occasion even furry slippers.

After the last eccentric red carpet look worn at the red carpet of the 2015 Grammy Awards, Rihanna has attracted media attention only a few does with his outfit “casual” formed by gray suit, Dior bag and slippers worn with socks gray, one of his most un-chic choices.

Many stolen shots on film sets are the main protagonists of the caliber star Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Banks, Debra Messing, Jennifer Hudson ,Katie Holmes, and even Jennifer Lopez wearing flip-flops and slippers between takes and the other, but it is when the slippers come to be very sported during fashion events it becomes disturbing: in the parterre during the fashion shows in Milan Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2015, Katy Perry wore proudly fuchsia slippers from the collection designed by Jeremy Scott for Moschino. Copyright creations, of course, but still slippers!