Styling Tips for Cropped

It’s been a long time that the top cropped style is on the rise, but last year here, he won a remodeled. There is a tendency in relation to estruradas and parts with geometric cutouts.
In the days of heat, the cropped could become a key piece of your wardrobe because it goes well with pants, skirts and shorts with waist high. For being versatile, no doubt will complement your closet, forming looks with pieces that you already have. Shows from last season of various brands like Givenchychiquérrimas, Roland Moret and Cushine et Ochs, the play that came to prominence was the cropped Cross (or X-shaped). For be well balanced, the play leaves the most charming silhouette and drawn, because angular effect generates in the shape of the body.
The cropped model in X is quite young, but looks good on many body types.

Women “speckled” can show the forms defined using the piece. The combination with pants flare is success! To the skinny girls, the play gives an air of delicacy. Who has a romantic style can match the cropped with pieces made in delicate fabrics, such as income or details at guipir. And there’s some good news: The overweight women can also use cropped cross! Just choose a template the right size (not squeeze and let the fatties “left”) and match the look with fluid on the bottom parts, such as high-waisted skirts and well soltinhas. Long skirts are also very beautiful and lengthen any woman!
For all these reasons, we can say that the cropped in X is a democratic piece and which adapts to various styles. If you are tuned on the trends you have to have one in your closet! To help you in time to assemble the looks, we made a selection of cool productions of Ritual.
Tips of looks with cropped cross
1. Cropped pants high waist
One of the tips is to combine with pantacourt -style pants or flare, which are high, or even semi bag models (those more larguinhas, “mom jeans”) who recently returned to fashion. The pantaloons or trousers pantacourt tend to leave the more sophisticated look,semi bags has a more street style.
For the most deprived, a hint to look for tonight is: cropped cross + pants high waist disk + jump. If you’re cold, you can wear a leather jacket and/or put a denim shirt or chess.
2. Cropped blazer
For those need a very sophisticated look, to go to an event or party, the tip is to wear a jacket over cropped. Using a pair of high-waisted tailoring you conquer a modern and stylish at the same time.

3. Cropped with flowing skirt
On a hot day, you can combine the piece with shorts jeans destroyed high waist skirts or rounds. The combination of the cropped across these pieces generates a perfect look for a walk in the park or any other casual event.
The only hint that it’s always, for all women, is to leave only a small strip of tummy showing. That way you ensure a look sexy and sophisticated at the same time. You can’t miss!