Tablet With Felt Cover

Hello how are you? Today I bring you an entry which I hope will be useful, it’s a case made with felt to protect our tablet or any device.

I tell them that something like a month ago, I found myself in need of formatting my computer, as I had done a backup and all good, until I realized that he had left me some things, as some images used in the videos ( Tanahli), also my final clip videos and now a completita with printable entry and everything! They were a few separators that loved me because they were for coloring and relax, I am now seeing if there is anything that rescue in the post, but until then I leave this other craft than if not, I’m a mess.

This is an entry of 2014 that had me very happy but never showed them, as I did for a contest of the blog Rules said I could also publish it if I wanted to, but never did (by decided, leave it for tomorrow) and turns out that I liked very much, but gave it by loss and between the search of the other, I found some files and I saidwhy not? It is really a craft mine, the first, which I also did an imprible, so I wanted to have it on my blog which has been as a collector of my work. Before he gave them no great importance were as make, make, make (so if putting them dedication to the craft, but he did not appreciate my work), now I want to have everything juntito so as not to lose it, and you know how?

Already let me roll so much that it starts to become a habit and we began.

The pieces of felt that we have left over from a previous craft.

Scissors, a pen, a sheet of paper and rule.

Thread colors and needle.

A piece of magnet or tape velcro.

Movable eyes.

The template of the OWL that can be found here
Thin elastic.

First we will measure our tablet from, because they know the diversity of designs and brands that are available today. With them, we are going to draw the diagram below on the sheet of paper.

We will use this drawing as a template and we will cut the felt.Then we cut each of the lines that form a kind of triangles, them we are going to cut into the felt of different colors, you can make the combination you prefer or even use strips of color to finish it.

Let’s cut the silhouette of the OWL as we always do, with her cutting each of the parts that comprise it felt colors. Then we sew them with yarn color by inserting and removing the needle by the contours is super simple. In this same way we will sew the strips at the end and a few centimeters below her OWL already armed with all its details.

We stick to the bottom magnet which is self-adhesive, but you can also sew a piece of velcro. I sewed a piece of elastic on each of the ends of one of the bottom rectangle of the sleeve on the inside, i.e. on the other side where we have put the OWL. At the top we stick the other side of the magnet or Velcro.

I hope that this tutorial, felt you can be useful to create your own covers for your cell phone or tablet. We are in social networks and deseame luck in my search for my lost post.