Tag Heuer Smart Watches

Smart watches are a favorite topic of technological media, but still finding it hard to attract a mass audience to first purchase. Hardware manufacturers dominate this market, but accelerated development apparently began to worry traditional producer of classic watches that are forced to turn their attention in this direction. Particularly sharp intensification of promises for inclusion in the niche occur after the announcement of Apple Watch, which gave a clear signal to everyone that it is time to think about what is happening exercise.

The popular manufacturer of luxury classic watches Tag Heuer recently confirmed that there are plans for presenting the smart watch next year. This is clear from an interview of Jean – Claude Bive (Jean-Claude Biver) for the Swiss edition of “NZZ am Sonntag”. He is head of the watch business of French luxury goods group LVMH, whose property is and Tag Heuer. Bive said that Tag Heuer wants to offer smart watch, but he should not go in the footsteps of Apple Watch or other competitors from tech giants. The planned time for submission is spring period of the specialized exhibition BaselWorld 2015 (March 19 to 26, for watches and jewelry).

Interviewee revealed that he expects other traditional producers watchmaking industry in Switzerland also offer smart watches around the days of the exhibition. They realize that smart watches are not currently threaten them because they had no significant share of the huge global market for watches, but that could change in the coming years. In the interview, no technical details about Widget developers, but it is clear that the smart watch will be a luxury product with the price. Actually this is not the first smart watch of Tag Heuer, who developed a limited edition of smart watches sailing team Oracle.