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Caps and Hats Summer-Colorful Pieces and Showy, Trend

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Caps and Hats Summer 2014-colorful pieces and Showy, trend

Today the Blog Not1 brings fresh runway trends, the new key Summer 2014 are the caps and hats nothing discreet. Check out how to invest in Accessories, and create colorful and looks that are the face of the summer, and don’t forget to comment! Continue reading

Fred Perry Partnered Again

Earlier, the British sportmärket Fred Perry, as most associated with its classic Polos, made collections along with Comme des Garcons and WoodWood. This fall has a new project underway- Blank Canvas.
It is thought that different British designers, both unestablished and established, will be taking on the mark and make their versions of
Fred Perry classic garments.
It sounds a bit like Lacostes projects that we have previously written about. Continue reading

Party Earrings: Diva Models and Tips

He goes to a party and does not know what to wear. Who never? There are so many amazing models of party earrings that you can not even invest in just one. And neither should! The variety of the fashion for ears is a way to update the look and have models in the jewelry box for all types of occasions. And they are not complicated to choose! Continue reading

Classic Style: Accessories

The Classic Style is one of the most beloved by women, whether for own accessories and pieces that never go out of fashion, or even to give the visual look more elegant and always dressed up. Women who prefer the Classic Style usually opt for items that are more sober and matching clothing items of major brands or inspired by big brands. Practitioners of this style are used in situations that require a more formal look, where pieces scatter symbols and established cuts make all the difference in the visual.

Normally the players that this style does not follow fashion trends, don’t opt for large, very flashy accessories necklines or more modern styles; are, as the name itself, classics. Continue reading