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App Expert Roland Resch Says

“Smart alarm for Smart Watch” for Android helps you to start the day more relaxed. Unlike the traditional alarm clock, the sound of the app does not sound stubborn at a fixed time, but in a more appropriate, gentle sleep phase shortly before. For detection purposes, the add-on uses the accelerometer of your Sony Smart watch (model 1 or 2).

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Learn How to Choose a Cheap Tablet

Many readers send in questions about good and cheap tablets.

To start: you will hardly find good tablets for less than 500 reais.

And it’s no use just searching the list of settings to try to find out if it has quality or not.

Take this example: not a month ago Acer launched a tablet with the incredible resolution of 1920 × 1200 pixels.Even so, many users are already complaining that the device hangs a lot.The problem, it seems, would be in the processor, unsuitable for screen resolution. Continue reading

The Screen Background with Two Touch Smart phones

App for Android allows user to change background image and read information about the contents

The TapDeck is a free application that makes smart phone screen background. Available only for devices with Android system, the program allows the user to change the background image of your appliance with ease, and provides tools for him to know more information about the content of the photograph and to interact with their friends. Continue reading

Smartphone Market: Palm Is Again (Times) Away

Will the lights go out soon?
Almost as fast as Palm emerged from the sinking, the white flag is again waved. A little over a year ago Palm had pulled his last card and introduced a truly revolutionary smartphone, the Palm Pre. With the Palm Pre, the market should be rolled up and ultimately the iPhone be beaten-as far as the heroic plans. In recent months, however, the reports have been stepping up with declining sales figures and financial problems, and the price of the share fell almost to the ground. Now there are the first rumors to a potential takeover and also also possible capital increase or a licensing option for webOS. Continue reading

The 8 Best Fitness, Workout and Tracking Apps [Tip]

We have created a list of the best træningsapps to iPhone and Android. What is best for GPS tracking, workout programs and general fitness.

Autumn is upon us and it is for some time to get started with your exercise. Your phone can in many cases be a distracting factor, but other times, it is also a very helpful tool. With your phone, you can track your training session (if you don’t track your exercise and shared it socially, then it’s probably never happened?), find new training exercises, get help with training programs and guides to do the exercises correctly.

We have compiled a list of the apps, which we think makes it best of all. The apps we have selected covers a wide variety of training types, and some are specifically designed for a particular sport. In the end, they all would like to make your workouts more fun, and motivate you to continue. Whether it is social in it, a quest for improvement or anything else is relative. Continue reading

Google’s Smart Beskedapp, Allo, Is Now Official

With the new app Allo takes Google now compete with, among other things. Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp from Facebook.

Google has several times tried it with beskedapps for Android and iOS, inter alia. Hangouts and Messenger, but none of these have been some real competitors to the widespread, existing solutions.

The tests Google’s new app Allo in return that back in may at Google I/O 2016 were revealed, but therefore first made available in Play-shop for Android smartphones and in Apple’s App Store for iOS today.

Allo is essentially just as many of the existing solutions. The user interface and experience, there is not much new at the. You have a list of contacts that are also using Allo-app via their phone number, and a click on these leads you into the talks. Continue reading

HTC Launches the Desire 10 with Great Sound and a Big Screen

HTC’s new Desire 10 unites big HTC-sound with a large 5.5 inch display log a delicious design.

It is a long time ago, that HTC has brought a phablet to the Danish market, but the dishes the company up on that by today to launch a new Member in the Desire HTC Desire family: 10 Lifestyle.

As in many of HTC’s products are being lavished on the design, which combines high-gloss metal and plastic in a slim Cabinet at 7.7 mm. On the back of a fingerprint reader is integrated into the design, which increases security along with Android 6.0.

The display is 5.5 inch large and unusual hi-res audio certified sound. Something which has been a focus in the responsible særlitg for HTC’s Nordic business, Lars Toft: Continue reading

Countdown Started: Google Puts the Date at the Pixel Event

In two weeks it goes loose in San Francisco when Google, by all accounts, will present two new Pixel smartphones.

In a new campaign video takes Google search field, stretching it, and reformulates it as the outline of a smartphone. The video ends with a note that this will be the 4. October the company will introduce something new.

Thus, several months of rumors about two new Nexus devices from the search giant becoming a reality.

It says the rumors to believers, it is however not Nexus products we can expect about two weeks. Instead, Google’s Pixel-fire that expands, so in addition to cover laptops and tablets now also will be smartphones are brought together under the brand name.
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Overview: New Low-Cost Carrier and iPhone 7 Gets Danish Debut

Here you get an overview of the most important news from the week that was.

The week has been big news in the Danish teledam. A new company challenge the incumbent telcos with extremely low prices-and Apple have launched two new flagships on the Danish market.

Tjeep: New telecom company promises Denmark’s cheapest subscriptions
Denmark has been a new telecommunications company richer: Tjeep calls itself Denmark’s cheapest telephone company, and with good reason: you get for an incredible amount of money.

Price check: Is the phone company Tjeep actually cheaper?
Denmark’s new telecom company, Tjeep, claim-Yes, actually guarantee-to have the country’s cheapest subscriptions. We have checked whether there are teams in the claim. Continue reading

Price of Moto 360 Smartwatch

The first smart watch to adopt a really attractive design could cost 249 €

Currently we already have a sizable catalog of smart watches in the market and that list is expected to expand in the coming months. Most large technology companies have already announced that they are working on their smart watches and these will see the light before the end of the year (Apple so far has not done), but certainly one of the most promising devices is which he is preparing Motorola.

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Now Can Pokémon GO Plus the Bracelet Bought in Denmark

Bluetooth bracelet Pokémon GO Plus to your smartphone is now for sale in the Danish shops, so you can streamline your hunt for rare pokémonner.

Pokémon GO was in record time this summer’s big craze, and although of course hype has subsided, it becomes popular mobile games still played diligently all over the country.

After the game’s release, it became quickly clear that Pokémon GO is one of the more power-hungry ones, if not power save mode is turned on. With a smart little gadget called Pokémon GO Plus you can not only save power on your phone, but also make the chase after pokémonner more fun and different. Continue reading

Knitting-Apps Moves in on the Cell Phone

Knitting and apps seems immediately to belong to two different worlds. It does not have to be.

It’s probably the fewest, linking something so analog as to knit with the yarn with the digital world. But there are actually lots of apps aimed at making life easier for everything from beginners to super-knit core out in the world.

There are actually a lot of people who knit. In the old days we would typically see them sit with their yarn and knitwear with a small notebook and pencil lying next to keep track of patterns, masks, sticks and so on.

You can still choose to use the analog method, but there are alternatives both for Android and iOS platform. Of course, there are also lots of knitting shops where you can buy all types of yarn and accessories to its knitting hobby-everything from digital sticks counters to “Made by Grandma”-tags to sew in the neck on sweaters to the grandchildren.
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iPhone 7 Gives Competitors Bank in New Speed Test

Apple’s A10 Fusion processor in the new iPhone 7 beats all Android competitors with lengths in the popular benchmark app Antutu to test the service.

It may well be that Apple’s iPhones-including the new iPhone 7-doesn’t look like much when you take a look at the specifications. One thing, however, is what it says on paper; Another thing is what they actually are able to provide in reality.

Apple has always had a reputation for getting a great deal out of nowhere with the many optimizations that could be done, when Apple has come over everything from hardware to software. It should be stressed once again with the new iPhone 7, after it has been tested in the common app to measure performance, Antutu. Continue reading

Samsung Launches Loss A (2016) with Note Function

Samsung’s affordable Loss A (2016) is a tablet that gets an S-pen-like its relatives in the Galaxy the Note series.

Samsung’s S-pen, a digital pen, has so far been reserved for the company’s more expensive tablets and phablets. It will be made on on now.

The South Korean tech giant launches as a new variant of their budget friendly Loss (A) includes the same special S pen which is now included in the Samsung Note 7.

While the pen will give new opportunities to both note-taking or drawing tools, the rest of the mechanics sit close up of Samsung existing Loss A (2016). Continue reading

Game Concept: A HTC Knapløs Smartphone [Video]

An HTC-concept dubbed ‘ the Ocean ‘ is let out. A cell completely free of buttons.

A leaked video from one of HTC’s designers website, is evidence that the manufacturer is working on a completely knapfri smartphone.

Concept video introduces the unit ‘Ocean’-a smartphone that most of all resemble an evolution of HTC 10 ‘s angular design.

The special thing about this device is that it is completely free for both home, power or volume buttons-instead it’s pressure-sensitive surfaces along the sides that can be used to control your phone.

The touch-operated sites also provides access to search functions and acts as a camera shutter release in fotoapp’en. Continue reading

Grace UX from Note 7 Comes Also to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

With Android Nougat update for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge replaces Samsung their well-known and discussed with their new Touchwiz interface Grace UX.

The first version of Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface, was launched along with their first Galaxy model, namely the Galaxy s. Since Galaxy S was launched back in 2010, there has been much new in the Touchwiz user interface, but has, however, long been forever reviled for being slow and RAM-hungry.

With the new hot (sorry Samsung) Samsung Galaxy Samsung also launched their new Note 7 interface, which they call Grace UX. The new interface should be faster and less demanding, and now it seems that it also comes to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

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