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Military Look, Firm Commitment for This Autumn-Winter 2010 / 2011

Soldiers form rows! this could be the premise under which prestigious designers and streetwear brands have worked for the development of the strictest looks of the season. It seems that under the recurrent excuse of the military look, all, even if we have not done the mili, at least in my case, we can feel a little military, that if, in for peace always. Continue reading

Ramarim Winter Boots

With 49-year history, the Ramarim is today one of the leading companies in the national shoe, so let’s see the new collection of boots Ramarim 2017 winter. The success of your footwear also extended to other countries and is recognized by consumers worldwide. A company that seeks to constantly innovate, Ramarim, has invested continuously in technology and, especially, in the word comfort.Where, through strict quality testing, has led to consumers faithful brand, Total Comfort formula, combining at the same time, fashion trends and comfort in one. Continue reading

Reforms Give New Look to Clothing and Shoes

In time of economic crisis all consumers seek to save. A good alternative is to reform clothing and shoes: gives a new face to the items, without spending a lot.

Winter, when normally the flow of customers increases in shoe shops and tailors, has caused a stir even bigger this year. In some places the demand has been even 40% higher.”The clientele usually increases this time of year, but this time the financial crisis shook a little and the staff has sought to fix more clothes instead of buying them new,”says Benedict Appeared Rao, a tailor since he was 10 years old. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know about Country Boots

You’re country and not give up a boot country figured, surely you must know that, in addition to last longer, have a quality far above that of other common boots, providing comfort for those pants.

Understand and identify all parts of footwear, whether of boots for women, as men, can make all the difference when choosing your ideal model, the one that most suits the your day to day and your lifestyle. Continue reading

My Christmas Gifts 2011

Christmas is done! Once again, I have surrendered the “Mission: Christmas” in a healthy and healthy way and can finally devote myself to other things. The Christmas festival is always very intense, of all there is surplus: too much food, too much mulled wine, too much family. You are already a bit glad when you come back into your own four walls and the life is so slow, but surely comes back into regular courses. Continue reading

How Many Shoes does a Woman Need?

Are you one of those women who can go past any shoe store and always find the shoe shops in a strange city guarantees? Then determine the different shoes in your shoe cabinet have. And then can not be big enough … Beautiful shoes are simply more than footwear, because they are important fashion accessories. But how many couples need a woman really? This question can be easily answered – not really many!

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2016 Summer Women’s Fashion Trends

Exit the faux fur coats and boots. Fashion announces the return of spring and promises khaki, denim, navy stripes and exotic prints. Zoom 8 strong trends to immediately adopt!

Inspired by the catwalks of designers Spring-Summer 2016, collections arriving in stores already celebrating the end of winter and the return of warmer weather. Several key trends are already emerging.
Topping the parts to have in her closet and trends to know, that’s a first glimpse into 8 looks:

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How to Style Capri Pants

Capri Pants Are Your New Stylish All-Rounder!

If the weather is outside uncomfortable, boots are your best companions for a fashionable shopping trip. Here you can combine your high or flat boots whim skirts or jeans.

Ever Combines Capri Pants To Boots?

Have you ever thought that are best skinny jeans for combination with boots? We now have a new styling tip for you. Try it just once Capri pants! With a shorter cut jeans you have to accommodate no more problems, the pant legs into the boots. Especially with slim-fitting boots, the jeans in the shaft can actually be a problem. In a capri pants You have to you, however, no longer worry about whether the boots can also be closed with pants over your calves.

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How to Wear Biker Jacket?

One of the strongest looks from this season is definitely one that combines the leather jacket, whether in its version “biker” or “Aviator” version, with.. .all.

You think may be “wearing a jacket in Dubai is not the brightest idea of the year.

I would say that if it can be. Because there are the light and it is precisely the subject of our article today.

The leather jacket can dress up any kind of style, it is finally also passes everywhere as a jacket, with an extra touch of glamour and sharper.

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