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Photograph in Raw: the Complete Guide!

When I bought my first digital camera, asked a photographer that I greatly admire what I could do to get better pictures having a camera that wasn’t top of the line. He simply told me: “shoot RAW. Your camera may not be the best, but photographing in RAW you will have the best that she can offer you.”
<h2>What Are Those File Types?</h2> Continue reading

Sony Rx100 ll in the Test

A year ago, the Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 was color photo test winner in the compact class. Now ColorFoto tested the successor RX100 II.

One of the major differences to its predecessor sits on top of the Sony Cybershot RX 100 II: hot shoe, which can include not only a flash unit, but also an electronic viewfinder. Inside the camera now has Wi-Fi and an NFC chip, Sony has refurbished the Exmor CMOS sensor also claims. He has an effective resolution of 20.2 mega pixels with a size of an inch as the previous model. Continue reading

Mobile Phone for Seniors: Make the Right Choice When Buying

You want your parents or grandparents to be reached via mobile? Or were even asked to make a mobile phone with you? Then look at what you should look for when buying a senior handy.

To prevent misunderstandings directly: In the early 21st century there are, of course, technology-conscious seniors who can be fitter with smart phones than younger generations. However, there are also many older people who no longer have the opportunity to discuss the technical innovations.Therefore: If you want to bring a mobile phone to your parents or grandparents, we have put together some tips for you. With these advice you will surely find the appropriate Senior Handy. Continue reading

Modular Android Smart watch Already a Success

BLOCKS is the first modular Android Smart watch and is quite reminiscent of the Project Ara , now you can support the project financially. But you really do not really have to, because BLOCKS is already extremely successful and at the time of the article has already doubled the required financing. With only 5 dollars you are already there, starting at 195 dollars you get a watch after the production (with normal bracelet). The bracelet is awesome at blocks, because this is expanded by the individual links with technology according to your own wishes. Continue reading

Pentax WG-10 Test

Pentax completes its range of compact outdoor cameras down. For a price of 200 euros (may 2013) has a lot to offer the new Pentax WG-10, shows how in the test.

Indicates the appearance of the Pentax WG 10: “can I get take me times hard take, I’m tough”. The many ribs and stiffening edge and of course the choice of materials show effect. Due to its design, the compact camera and mechanically significantly more stable than their relationship although better, but also softer is good to keep. The body of this digital camera is not new but also, the waterproof Pentax predecessor models of the same new WG-10 optically clear. Continue reading

So Little It Costs Apple to Produce iPhone 7

It costs Apple only 1,950 dollars to produce iPhone 7, and with a price tag on 5,699 dollars and up, serve Apple rushing to the new cell.

It is no news that Apple manages to make a huge profit on its products with relatively high prices, but at the same time, low production costs. How has it been with all previous iPhones, and the story repeats itself with this year’s new iPhone 7.

CNN has, in fact, together with the two our websites, produced an estimate of how much-or rather how little-it costs Apple to produce an iPhone 7. After having carried out an extensive review of the phone’s hardware and kompoenter-a so-called teardown-sounds estimated that an iPhone 7 costs Apple only 1,950 dollars. Continue reading

HTC Preparing a Revamped Camera for Aero

A recent rumor coming from Asian market refers to the efforts of HTC faces to give substance to the HTC camera Aero, codename of the terminal that should be presented in the autumn, according to previous rumors. The report released by the website htcviet.vn suggests news both in terms of hardware, both in terms of software management. Go into the details of what’s new at the moment it is not possible, either because the source provides them in a fragmentary, and because the automatic translation from Vietnamese might distort the meaning of certain phrases. Continue reading

Most Important of All: the Mobile Camera Must Be Speedily

Study: when important and funny moments to test with your phone, there is one thing that is true: camera must be ready to shoot immediately.

We are photographing loose with mobile-in fact, it is only one in fifteen smartphone users who do not have shot some photos with your phone in the past month.

But when the moment to test and shared, it a number of requirements for mobile camera. It is stated in the new Sony Mobile study that looks at what is required of a good mobile camera. Continue reading