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How to Match Skinny Jeans


The skinny jeans are those tight pants, tight at the ankle, which enhance the sinuous lines and give that sexy touch and glamor to which we women do not want to give up. Plus they are very practical and guarantee freedom of movement and comfort throughout the day. As their name suggests in English “skinny”, they are almost a second skin, like leggings, and if worn with the right precautions, make it look slender and toned legs. In this guide, then we see how to match skinny jeans in 3 different occasions. Continue reading

How to Dress a Round Body

Goodbye tank tops and small lightweight tops; hello pretty tops, blouses and stylish blouses!

Temperatures seriously begin to decline and the day of small lightweight tops is well and truly over. No matter, because this season has also its share of pretty chic and trendy tops. Proof by 20 with our selection shopper …

To us pretty blouses. Easy to wear and what to stay stylish in any event, they dress up an outfit more classic in a jiffy. This season, we love strewn models of flowers, embellished with sequins or sublimated a nice romantic collar. A mix with our jeans or skirt. Preferred. Women in the we play class and modern with parts containing the codes of the moment: houndstooth, polka dots, set transparency and other small stars to serve you! We also love … Pretty sublimated tops of beads and sequins, boosted by a printed mouths to chew or a nice yellow vitamins.

How to Have a Preppy Style?

Girls who have attended the session Classic Afternoon The Clueless have rather had a twinge of envy the super visual productions even to go to school girlfriends and main characters. The Betties are mainly brand to dress well, which is not that complicated. And it’s not so far away but its reality.

The fashion preppy style is within reach of everyone, even that requires a little more credit card. The main brand of patricinhas is are always very neat. They are the extravagant compositions times and sometimes causal, copied by women around for staying so cool. Wear designer is almost a rule, always the most talked about in magazines. If Paris Hilton is clutch with Chanel, the duty patricinhas will run to the shops in search of the same model.

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The 2016 Womenswear Clothing

If you do conservative style, the fashion clothing in 2016 are its beach. We have not so hard back in 2015 as the high waist, longer sleeves, without much neck and behaved transparency. Everything is more discreet and brands are showing fairly conservative for the next year, an inspiration in European high seam that seems to become trend for the coming seasons.

The station seems to be the key piece Macaquito. Low cut, with front slit or V – neck and even bare back, worth investing in lighter fabrics thinking about summer fashion as cotton or stick with the classic Macaquito jeans for casual. The piece goes well with the new sandals gladiator also super trend for autumn winter 2016. It still sneakers, shoes shorties and his beloved high heels and wedges to stay chic and practical.

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Three Games You Should Have on Your Apple Watch

Mobile games are not only limited to the smart phone or your handheld console-they are available also for the wrist.

Wearable gaming is still in the process of stepping up its first League matches, and neither the supply of games or their popularity approaching far big brothers iPad and iPhone. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good gaming experiences to find your Apple Watch, even though it is still a challenge to make immersive games that can sit on a wrist.

The best games are the ones that manage to adapt the game to the format, without just being a mini version of a similar iPhone games. We have found three such games, which all have in common is that they manage to create a real gaming experience on your Apple Watch. Continue reading

Look of the Day by Canton

Such “look of the day” turned mania not only among the bloggers, but among all women who one way or another are connected in the world in fashion. Fotinhas taken in front of the mirror to post on Instagram, on Twitter, on Facebook, we can say that share the look (other than work, ballad or even at the gym) became trend! Is it really? Something is fact: there is no fashion inspiration for everyday and a wardrobe full of options! That’s why we enjoy the our legs for the city, since we’re always flirting with in the windows, and we brought to you a Fashion Editorial stuffed of looks for driving the fashionistas on duty. Ahhhh and clarooo I ever stay here one more tip of little present for Valentine’s Day, after all a beautiful clothes is never too much for a woman’s closet!

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The Modern Woman’s Wardrobe in 6 Key Pieces

Sometimes, we give up the trends that, at station, they don’t make your eyes shine as much. To avoid the drama of the closet incommunicable, the website gives you the basic tips that you should have for the days of “I have nothing to wear”.

The only sure of your look so far is underwear. You look at the closet and sees a black hole. The will left over, the mirror does not help and all you wanted was a clothes that work, one … Yes, we know very very problem. Quemnunca gave drama queen at the time of dressing? To the overall happiness, the website has the cure for the pitis fashion.

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Top 5 Summer 2016 Trends

With the new station hitting the door, of course, that can’t be anxious and super attentive to news that promise to make the head and the closets of chicks.

And from what we can see on the catwalks we will see still too cropped top, jeans, ethnic prints, long jackets, fashion of the years 70, asymmetry, maxi-brincos … items that will continue grooming shop Windows.

But wait, we select our main bets between the trends presented on the runway, which already are worth an onslaught in the next trip to the Mall, because they promise, of course, make the streets hottest stations of the year.

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