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Market Overview: Clocks with Moon Phase Display

122 Models in the overview–Download now for free!

Clocks with Moon-phase display are available in a wide selection, but which ones are suitable? That depends on the claim. For this complication, which is like to be seen on wristwatches, differs the type of indication as well as its precision: the simple lunar phase display differs by one day in three years. They are therefore also found in smaller brands such as Zeno-Watch Basel, Schauer or Edox, the clocks are located in the middle of the price range or in the entry area. Here you can download the market overview to 122 clocks with lunar phase display. Continue reading

Seiko R-Wave Wall Clock Instructions

The track time atomic clocks through a complex system of evaluation of the vibration of the atoms. “Atomic clocks” sold for home and office are in fact “radio clocks” that receive long-range radio signals from satellites broadcasting time atomic clock reference in a selected time zone. These keep clocks the precise time that are not subject to mechanical delays often affect other clocks. Seiko made a series of decorative wall, radio clocks under the name Seiko R-Wave.

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