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Ben Sherman: What’s New for The Fall-Winter 2010 / 2011

Ben Sherman, that is certainly one of the most popular fashion brands among the mods and the skinheads (they not only consume them, but they were a distinctive aesthetic of these groups) is back with force for this season Fall winter 2010 / 2011. Although it retains its peculiar singularities that make him unrecognizable as the small paintings, the very tight to the body cutting, button on the back of the neck and, in shirts short sleeve, take two characteristic cuts in the middle of the sleeve, We can see some developments in your clothes. Continue reading

How to Identify Vintage Clothes

8 tips for dating a vintage piece

From Mireille Berton with Valerie, organizer of the convention Be Vintage

The identification of a garment is a reflection of life: practice builds knowledge. Knowing date a vintage piece is an ability that is acquired mainly through experience, but also through discussions with specialists who generously share their skills. Here’s a few points of this modest knowledge assimilated as a collector, and thanks to the people encountered, and consulted books and blogs – it is far from complete, especially as regards the earlier times to the 1960s.

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