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10 Dresses and Skirts of Neoprene for Use

Are you looking for 10 dresses and skirts of Neoprene for use in 2015? The Neoprene has done very successfully by being a refreshing tissue to heat and hot to cold. Created from a polymer, the neoprene is synthetic and have rubbery texture, used by your waterproofing and thermal insulating property especially in costumes for the practice of water sports. Continue reading

Opera Carmen Inspires Fall/Winter of Dimy

The story of a Gypsy who uses his talents in dancing and singing to bewitch men of Seville is the starting point for the fall/winter of 2017 Dimy. Inspired by Bizet’s Carmen, the brand makes a tribute to one of the world’s most popular operas with a collection full of references to Andalusia, where Spain is more vibrant. Continue reading

Tips on How to Use Especially in Winter

Tips on how to use especially in winter

The Overcoat is a person who at the same time protects you in the winter, gives you elegance and charm. It looks great on any occasion and production. With modern and varied models, it can be found in knee lengths down, with details such as pockets, applications, skins, moorings, in heavier fabrics to lighter ones, in colors ranging from the most neutral to the most contrasting and colored. Continue reading

Wedding Dresses with Bolero

Beautiful Wedding Dresses With Bolero

There is nothing more beautiful than the wedding dresses with bolero. It is a fact to remember that all wedding dresses are romantic, they are beautiful, elegant, enchant both men and women. When planning a wedding one of the bride’s first concerns is about dress, and one of the expectations of the guests is about seeing the wedding dress. Continue reading

What Is My Body Type

Meet our body type is critical to determine which are the pieces of clothing that most favor our ways, which become indispensable accessories to favor certain areas and which we must put aside when the goal is to hide any problem area.

When we have clear which group belongs to our silhouette, will be much easier to choose the most suitable clothes for us. However, many women do not know the usual ratings don’t even know where to start; If this is your case, this article will resolve your doubts. Find out what your body type and how to make it great.

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How to Choose a Strapless Dress

Difficult to do more feminine than the strapless dress, which reveals the shoulders with sensuality. Yet we dare not always wear. Am I made for the dress strapless? Form ball, long empire waist… Don’t worry, there is necessarily a model for you.

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Fashion Tips according to Body Type

Apple or Oval Body

This is one of the easiest to distinguish silhouettes; the apple or oval body features:

  • Rounded shoulders.
  • Big breasts.
  • Wide waist and not defined.
  • Big hips.

In this kind of legs silhouettes can be thin or not, but the fat is concentrated mostly in the abdomen to form belly. If account with this type of body must stay in your ideal weight, because the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area increases the risk of suffering heart problems and diseases such as diabetes. Some of the famous with this body are Queen Latifah or Adele.

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How to Wear a Plus Size Skirt

When wearing a dress, it’s easy with this piece. There is things get complicated is when you decide to wear a skirt! Indeed, it is not always clear what top to wear with a skirt when one is round. How to match, what is the prettiest form, print perfect… We explain!

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2016 Summer Women’s Fashion Trends

Exit the faux fur coats and boots. Fashion announces the return of spring and promises khaki, denim, navy stripes and exotic prints. Zoom 8 strong trends to immediately adopt!

Inspired by the catwalks of designers Spring-Summer 2016, collections arriving in stores already celebrating the end of winter and the return of warmer weather. Several key trends are already emerging.
Topping the parts to have in her closet and trends to know, that’s a first glimpse into 8 looks:

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Vintage Fringed Jackets

Notice to a beautiful gypsy rebels strand: this column is for you!

Now we see several models fringed suede jackets in stores. With the season of music festivals in full swing, now is the perfect time to put this emblem of the 60s and 70s.

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How to Have a Preppy Style?

Girls who have attended the session Classic Afternoon The Clueless have rather had a twinge of envy the super visual productions even to go to school girlfriends and main characters. The Betties are mainly brand to dress well, which is not that complicated. And it’s not so far away but its reality.

The fashion preppy style is within reach of everyone, even that requires a little more credit card. The main brand of patricinhas is are always very neat. They are the extravagant compositions times and sometimes causal, copied by women around for staying so cool. Wear designer is almost a rule, always the most talked about in magazines. If Paris Hilton is clutch with Chanel, the duty patricinhas will run to the shops in search of the same model.

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What Wear for Christmas Dinner

Damn it! It is already reaching the end of the year again! Year flew right ?! And you already thought about what to wear this Christmas? Check out tips feminine looks for Christmas 2016!

The Christmas is a special time of celebration, when we find everywhere the fraternization atmosphere that arises during this period.

It is very common for families to meet this date so important. However, in addition to family gatherings nowadays it is very common meetings between friends or co-workers, and corporate Christmas parties, which require different looks, especially female.

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The 2016 Womenswear Clothing

If you do conservative style, the fashion clothing in 2016 are its beach. We have not so hard back in 2015 as the high waist, longer sleeves, without much neck and behaved transparency. Everything is more discreet and brands are showing fairly conservative for the next year, an inspiration in European high seam that seems to become trend for the coming seasons.

The station seems to be the key piece Macaquito. Low cut, with front slit or V – neck and even bare back, worth investing in lighter fabrics thinking about summer fashion as cotton or stick with the classic Macaquito jeans for casual. The piece goes well with the new sandals gladiator also super trend for autumn winter 2016. It still sneakers, shoes shorties and his beloved high heels and wedges to stay chic and practical.

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Look of the Day: like Mother, like Daughter!

Hey Divas!

All right with you?

This week I went to a birthday party for 15 years and had that the crisis: I have nothing to wear #Who never?
So … When I went to the mall with my mom powerful buy the gift of birthday boy, I fell and temptation and spent the card! After hours and hours in search of a play “X” which, for a change, not found (I don’t know about you, but sometimes I wonder some clothes in my mind and not quiet until you buy the blessed. The problem is almost never find my desires, so I always get angry! RS), I ended up buying this dress long, because I think I’m going to use enough now in the summer!

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Looks Spring/Summer 2016

PRE-PA-RA that today’s Fashion Editorial in the website, with multiple looks and inspirations for who’s keeping an eye on what comes around for the next few seasons. The time when the little black dress reigned in the windows and the color was the favorite of most women. Nowadays the macaws of the shops are increasingly stuffed with colorful pieces, stamped, lavishing the Braziliantropicalism, rain or shine! The collection spring/summer will not escape the rules … The back color chart highlights: pink (blush), yellow, light blue (pool), orange (orange), which was chosen as the color of the year, red (shown as the new “little black dress”), forest (green) and blue macaw. New trends in stamping will be: tropical flowers, ethnic prints, multi-coloured, floral decorative nature (with varied colors) and the animal print (cats).

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How to Disguise Wide Hips

Many Brazilian women are housewives beautiful broad hips. Despite this being a feature that many value, others prefer to tune this using some tricks of effective fashion. If this is your case, be aware that the golden rule to disguise a hip lardo is pull the focus to the details of the clothes in the upper part of the body, avoiding showy parts in the hip and legs. In addition to this tip, there are some parts that favor the silhouette of the woman guitar and clothes should be avoided. Want to know what they are? Continue reading this article from a and find out how to disguise wide hips and rock.

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