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Delicate Earrings by Allesesliebe by Milla K

So honestly, I hope the winter is soon behind us.Because enough is enough.Now everything from me can flourish and thrive.And snow will again be an issue for the opening of Christmas markets.To lure the spring and to persuade him to stay, you can use our jewelery of the week, beautiful earrings by aLLesausLiebe by milla k. Continue reading

Party Earrings: Diva Models and Tips

He goes to a party and does not know what to wear. Who never? There are so many amazing models of party earrings that you can not even invest in just one. And neither should! The variety of the fashion for ears is a way to update the look and have models in the jewelry box for all types of occasions. And they are not complicated to choose! Continue reading

New Tropical Fashion Trend 2016

Flower prints, paradise birds, palm trees and exotic fruits make their comeback in our closets! 25 pieces to adopt the trend this summer.

This trend very “happy” with us for the past few seasons and is clearly on track to stay, to our delight!
We must admit, we begin to think more and more to the holiday … Finished pieces with dark tones and the minimalist looks that we still loved it not so long! We can now reveal our exotic and fun side, with the integration of vegetation we like the heart of our different looks: in town or in the tropics, it is played “wild jungle” because this was all tropical motif is allowed!
A trend that fills us with nostalgia, reminding us sunsets and multi-colored Cadillac 50s, especially when seen combined on jerseys tall and models a very retro room. Clothing and accessories carry printed came straight from the Amazon rainforest and beaches of California to give this exotic touch that was lacking in our outfits.
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Bohemian Style Evening Wear 2016

In those years all the designers were inspired, but this season it keeps only the most stylish items with their touch of fun.

Exit the neglected side of baba cool, refined look is cultivated, neat, perfect for a dinner in town or a holiday evening. If you love the game of fashion in moderation, we retain only the accessories strong and graphics. We choose her jewelry based on their preferences, but by searching for large volumes. Earring XXL and bib necklace graphics and geometric designs so art deco inspiration or more ethnic make a maximum impact on all derivatives tuxedo jacket and pants or suit in black or subtly threaded Lurex gold or silver brocades well in a dandy release.
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