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Scarves and Foulards Only Thing of Women? Enough Already, by God!

Cansadito I have all cansadito. It seems lie that being as you are taking so much time reading some blog, at this point in life and assuming that you show a minimum of interest for fashion, you have not been able to give account of which perhaps is the major premise in dress, a set, modify existing one or create a new one from nothing: the garments are made to us, not us them. Continue reading

Functional Fitness Apparel

A completely new range of functional apparel originating from American workwear has emerged in recent seasons. As a reaction to the abrasion resistance and disposable fashion advocates now sustainable materials in solid construction in which a slightly worn finish is just a sign of the authenticity. Manolo has selected five brands who have mastered the style well.

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How to Identify Vintage Clothes

8 tips for dating a vintage piece

From Mireille Berton with Valerie, organizer of the convention Be Vintage

The identification of a garment is a reflection of life: practice builds knowledge. Knowing date a vintage piece is an ability that is acquired mainly through experience, but also through discussions with specialists who generously share their skills. Here’s a few points of this modest knowledge assimilated as a collector, and thanks to the people encountered, and consulted books and blogs – it is far from complete, especially as regards the earlier times to the 1960s.

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The Wardrobe Cornerstones-The Off-White Pants

There are few garments that better represents spring and summer than a pair of white pants. A garment that can provide an incredible elegance but also a lot of problems. We have looked at how we find a pair of white pants shall be, what to consider when buying a few and some examples on how neat it can actually be. Continue reading