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Great and Artistic Teaser for Google’s Event 4. October

With less than two weeks for Google’s big event, we now get a variety of extravagant teasers-among other things. a mysterious and somewhat different statue.

On Monday we got through a published video the first teaser for Google’s next big event, where by all accounts will be presenting two new phones under the new brand Pixel.

In the video we see Google’s classic searchable transform themselves into the outline of what may be the new Pixel-phone, and subsequently we get date d. 4. October to see. But this is not the only teaser, we have received about this upcoming event. Continue reading

Google Pixel: Hopper Not Included on the Water-Repellent Wave

We are seeing more and more mobile phones with dust-and water-resistant properties, but the upcoming Pixel mobiles from Google and HTC will not be a part of this company.

It is now generally known in mobile circuit, that they expected the next “Nexus-mobiles” that had to be manufactured by HTC, squarely will drop Nexus-name, and instead will be the brand under Google Pixel.

The other day we could even show some leaked image in reasonable high-quality, and now it’s so come more news about the alleged two phones Pixel and the Pixel XL. According to a known source of Android Police , the two units have a function that also Motorola Nexus 6 had, namely an IP53-certification.

This does not mean, however, that Pixel-phones will be water-and dust-resistant. On the contrary, the 3-number in certification an expression that the specimens will only be able to tolerate a certain amount of water under special circumstances. Continue reading

Smartwatch Group Market Share

As grows the Smartwatch Market, Apple and Samsung will be the only ones Who Will Benefit

An interesting report by Jan Dawon, Jackdaw Research Analyst, reveals what could be the scene of the smartwatch long-term market. As it is currently in the industry of the smartphones where Apple and Samsung are their clear players, the world of the smartwatch might not be very different from the reality that we live in today with smart phones.

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Google’s Smart Beskedapp, Allo, Is Now Official

With the new app Allo takes Google now compete with, among other things. Apple’s iMessage and WhatsApp from Facebook.

Google has several times tried it with beskedapps for Android and iOS, inter alia. Hangouts and Messenger, but none of these have been some real competitors to the widespread, existing solutions.

The tests Google’s new app Allo in return that back in may at Google I/O 2016 were revealed, but therefore first made available in Play-shop for Android smartphones and in Apple’s App Store for iOS today.

Allo is essentially just as many of the existing solutions. The user interface and experience, there is not much new at the. You have a list of contacts that are also using Allo-app via their phone number, and a click on these leads you into the talks. Continue reading

Then Came the First Sharp Images of Google Pixel

Spy photos of Google’s next two Pixels-telephones are let out. It is clear that HTC has touched over designed.

When Google about two weeks will hold press event, will be the two stars of the two smartphones: Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Phones should be replaced Google’s current Nexus and Nexus 6 p 5 x, but will at the same time, point to a new direction for the company which will now collect both laptops, tablets and Smartphones sub-pixel brand.

How exactly would take themselves off the phones, have been leaked in the form of rumors and early prototypes, but now androidpoilce.com can produce the first photos with both phones together. Continue reading

Countdown Started: Google Puts the Date at the Pixel Event

In two weeks it goes loose in San Francisco when Google, by all accounts, will present two new Pixel smartphones.

In a new campaign video takes Google search field, stretching it, and reformulates it as the outline of a smartphone. The video ends with a note that this will be the 4. October the company will introduce something new.

Thus, several months of rumors about two new Nexus devices from the search giant becoming a reality.

It says the rumors to believers, it is however not Nexus products we can expect about two weeks. Instead, Google’s Pixel-fire that expands, so in addition to cover laptops and tablets now also will be smartphones are brought together under the brand name.
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Moto 360 Outside US

The Expected Smartwatch Motorola Could Arrive Later Than Expected to Other Markets

The Moto 360 has earned the title of one of the most anticipated this year smartwatch with iWatch permission, of course. Although the company has not wanted to reveal as yet no specific launch date, it is known that the device will hit the market in late summer, so probably at the end of September many users can start enjoying it.

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Google’s New Beskedapp Allo Published on Wednesday

Google’s long-awaited iMessage-competitor, Allo, which has been under way since may, by all accounts will be released this Wednesday.

The wait will soon be over, if you wait impatiently to try Google’s new messaging service, Allo.

Back in may, Google unveiled the company’s new bet lifted on the area within instant messaging, after Apple has long been at the forefront with the Messages app and service iMessage.

Google has several times tried it with different, half-hearted attempts, inter alia. Hangouts that never really materialized. Now, however, it gives Google another go with Allo, there looks to be ready to finally release this week after having been beta tested by a selected number of users since the unveiling at Google i/o. Continue reading

Price of Moto 360 Smartwatch

The first smart watch to adopt a really attractive design could cost 249 €

Currently we already have a sizable catalog of smart watches in the market and that list is expected to expand in the coming months. Most large technology companies have already announced that they are working on their smart watches and these will see the light before the end of the year (Apple so far has not done), but certainly one of the most promising devices is which he is preparing Motorola.

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Google’s New Framework Brings Material Design for Web Pages

The Google wants to take the Design Stuff everywhere. The layout guidelines applied in Android since version 5.0, announced last year, can now be used on websites by a tool announced today by Google.

The framework, called Material Design Lite (CDM), offers several source code for the creation and development of websites, such as templates, components (cards, buttons, tables), fonts, icons and customization issues. It’s kind Bootstrap for anyone who is a fan of Material Design.

In the templates available, you will find Dashboards (as pictured above), blogs, articles and even the source code of Android.com for product ad that fit that style. Custom components also help in customizing pages, including various styles of buttons, layouts, menus, toggles and more.

All code was written using the library BEM (must be why the framework was very cool) and it can be customized both in a own page for this (only with changing colors) as the raw source code available on GitHub. By default, all scripts come from Google CDN, but nothing prevents the user to download and change some code.

The Lite name, according to Google, is by ease of implementation and size of the complete package: 27 KB on compressed version, which includes JS, HTML, and CSS. The Material Design Lite works on all popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge (!) And is responsive by default (ie, works well on mobile phones).


Google Users to Attack Used Fake Security Certificate

One of the ways that Google uses to make its services more secure is to provide a connection HTTPS them. This is possible thanks to a security certificate, which ensures that communication is taking place between a user and a server and it is not always possible to forge. But today Google has discovered an attempt to attack your users using a false certificate issued fraudulently. Continue reading

Google Proposes Gambiarra Not Track WiFi Networks

To provide a more exact location on the maps, is the web version or mobile applications, Google tracks and stores locations of certain WiFi networks. Certain protection institutions privacy, especially in Europe, did not like this screening, which generated a huge revolt. Because of this Google announced this week that it will offer the option of wireless network owners prevent tracking. But they will do this through a kludge.

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Search Google Handwriting

After research by voice and images, the Google released on the afternoon of Thursday (26) a feature that allows users of tablets and smartphones do web searches handwriting on the screen of your devices. “The handwritten allows the user to use their finger to write the letters across the screen of their devices without keyboards that take up half the screen or keys that must be found and pressed.” Continue reading

Gmail with New Feature: Even Better on Your Phone

Although Gmail lets you read emails on every possible platform, are some mails just only customized desktop form. It will be a new update now change.

Google’s Gmail is one of the most widely used mail systems, and the many millions of users and businesses around the world every day can easily and simply check their inboxes on both computer, Tablet, smart phone, etc.

But even though the possibilities for keeping track of his Inbox is many, then there are still the messages, which are targeted and designed desktop platform, and which therefore just are best to read on your computer. Continue reading

Rumor: Google Will Shelve ‘Google Now’

Google Now-or ‘Google’ is Now on the way out of Google vocabulary. More features will, however, remain.

Since the spring of 2016, Google seems to take distance from several of the former product names and sequences. Nexus-the name for the company’s smartphones will disappear soon, and now sees the whole ‘ Google Now’-universe also must have changed his name. It writes Engadget.com.

The first signs of the shift came to Google’s annual i/o developers’ trade show, where the company introduced the ‘Assistant’ a voice controlled Search Companion as Google Now takes voice control and make it more personal and conversational.

News blog 9to5google learns now that one of the core functions, display search 6.0 Android ‘Now on Tap’, now also disappears and instead will be named ‘ Screen Search ‘ in Google search engine.

Similarly, the name ‘Google Maps’ completely scrapped and Now will be now presented as the user’s ‘feed’.

Whether Google will define a more diskræt direction for how Android, search services and hardware to be integrated, will certainly be fleshed out when Google is organizing this fall’s big press event on 4. October.